Spring and painting  

rm_flux_in2005 40M
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5/20/2006 2:58 am
Spring and painting

Hi everyone this is my first Blog and like a good wine hopefully it'll get better with age (practice).

Last week when it was really hot I unfortunately had to spend all my free time painting a new house, I'm moving into. What I noticed was that whenever I am working I tend to look out of the window, and as it was hot there were lots of women walking around and excellent spring fashions. Little tops and skirts/jeans. Why do women look nicer when your working?

The odd thing was I found this extrememly arousing to see all these lovely ladies outside while I was inside covered in paint (not very good at getting it on the walls).

This led me a discovery about myself. I discovered that I have a builders fantasy, in that I think women find builders (young builders) attractive. What do you think, is this true?

If you prefer older builders I'll get stuck into eating bacon butties, drinking tea and jaffa cakes and I'll have a builders arse in no time. Which do you want?

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