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rm_florienrsa 45M
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6/16/2006 12:13 am

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7/1/2006 11:14 am

letter to an awesome girl

Hi awesome girl, hi all,

To surf through AdultFriendFinder is a rather interesting experience. I became a member following a change of attitude of my wife. Two years ago now, she decided to ignore me and the love I have for her and give more affection to the cat than her husband. All my love , my devotion for her person, all that became frustration and lust. I had to find a substitute. Not to really start an affaire just yet but to carry on with the always new experience that is making love to a woman. Even after seven years, making love to my wife was always a treat, and I was never unfaithful to her. But now that our relationship became exclusively “intellectual” I have the need the physical contact, and got searching on the net. I soon realized that living in Harrismith did not serve me well though…but I became excited about a possibility to spend a bit of time in Gauteng or KZN. You girls are hot and temptresses…when I saw you. You still believe that your face can be the most attractive part of your body, which any way reflects the most what you are. You still believe that a smile or this naughtiness in your look can generate the greatest passions. Well, I think you are right. Your picture made me think and dream about true love, and lust got in the queue. Sure I would like one day to touch you body and discover it like a blind man discovers something unknown, I would like to indulge you of pleasures. But most, you look like the type I would like to look after and make happy. I don’t know if I will ever be bold enough to approach you. You seem too great and may be too young for me.
You certainly feel that you deserve to be love for what you are and not only for your body. I know what it is like. I might have been loved for my French accent, my tenderness and a bit of financial ease, but not for what I am.
Any way, the field of melon, and the forest of erected dicks became somewhat vulgar, and all that made me realize that the hunt for sex is actually a hunt for attention and care isn’t it?
Now I do not know…if I had to send a picture of myself on the program…should it be my dick or my face?
Thanks for your time!

rm_lienkie 52F
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6/16/2006 1:00 am

ca va bien? Well my french is not good but am gettin there.I know wot u've been going thru.I am in the same situation as you.I am moving on and for sure my friends ask me do u do the right thing. Ok, its hurting like hell but i''ve got to do wot i've got to do and it is moving on in life i can not allowed to be not acting me . need to go out and have a life as well .I will be here for u when ever you need to talk to me...good luck...*kiss & hugs*

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