entry 1: why i'm at this site  

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10/9/2005 3:30 pm

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entry 1: why i'm at this site

First, I should say that I don't like blogs and think that most of the people who have them shouldn't have one. Why? Because while everyone is convinced they are a brilliant individual with well formed and well researched opinions who can write like a pro, that's simply not true. You know it, I know it and I wish all the people with crappy blogs knew it.

But a lot of things I don't like aren't going to go away, so I might as well put in my ten cents (it used to be two cents but, you know, inflation and all). If everybody else quits blogging, I'll happily quit.

In the meantime...

Why am I here? The answer is really simple: sex. However, as we all know, good sex involves more than simply shoving your dick into something warm. If that's all it was I could run the engine of my car and put my willy in the tailpipe.

But does it involve love? Not in my opinion. Without taking this to the level of a master's level thesis (or higher), we all know that some people connect with each other on a non-verbal level. Sometimes it's love. Sometimes it's hate. Sometimes it's friendship. Sometimes it's lust. Personally, I think friendly lust is a legitimate reason for people to connect physically. I think it's a bad basis for a marriage, but hey, that's me.

One thing I get tired of - OK, sick of - is people lecturing me as a married guy using this site to meet women for sex. To start with, over the years I've met up in person with one woman and one couple from this site. The couple thing was....mmmm, about a B minus because while the sex was good, we didn't have much in common. The other encounter with the woman (married) was A+ mind blowing sex and a good rapport which could have made for a long term affair but she got cold feet and pulled out (which is usually what guys do, right?)

Anyway, I'm getting tangential. The reason I don't like being lectured to or gnawed at about being a "cheating" husband is for several reasons. First, I manufacture enough Catholic guilt myself, I don't need any help. Second, I'm not going behind my wife's back with a grin on my face and thinking it's no big deal. It's a big deal. Third, we've been through the mill of counseling and etc and there are layers of issues at work, all of which leaves me masturbating wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much, which gets old fast. In fact it got old a long time ago.

Here's an interesting thing. I started thinking i was impotent because i could only get half hard when i masturbated. It was more out of frustration than real pleasure. (Wife and I do it maybe one time a year and it's...not good). Anyway, when I got with an enthusiastic partner who said 'I'm more than ready, put that thing right here' I was able to perform as well as ever.

Which brings me back to where I started (almost): you need some connection and lust is a connection. Beats masturbating or putting your weenie in the tailpipe of the car, believe me.

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