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3/1/2006 4:58 pm

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So here I am wondering who is going to read this. What will she think, I don't know. I think I am more concerned with making her happy that she read it, that she would come back for more.

I think about how if she did, that she would know that she could come into this place and be relaxed. That she would know that I could care for her needs. That all she need do is sit in the recliner and close her eyes. No TV, just soft, unidentifiable music, a reggae beat, steel drums softly lilting in and out of true hearing, and the bass setting the rhythym. You feel more than see the lights dimming under your closed eyelids, then the scent of candles lit starting to fill the warm air. It is comfortable.

You feel me taking off your shoes one at time. Slipping your foot between my hands, gentle pressure up to your ankle. Then a firm stroke across the arch of your foot. You can feel the tension of the day washing off of you. You feel the other foot being massaged, your toes rubbed between my fingers. Slowly my hand starts up your stockinged leg, pressing the leaden feeling from your legs. You sense a fresh flow of blood, Your body gets warmer, your pussy starts to tingle, maybe pulse a little from the attention your extremities are getting.

As I walk around behind you I see you press your thighs together trying to quietly encourage the sensation. My hands soflty land on your shoulders and start to masssage them, lightly at first but quickly moving to a more aggressive pace. Kneading the knots out is good, the strength in my fingers is significant and you start to roll your head in rhythym with my strokes. Your breathing is slowing but is deeper as you start to really settle into a state of sensual relaxation.

My hands slip down your chest to your breasts. I push my hands over the top of them just hard enough to create a friction on your nipples. They stiffen and show through the thin fabric of your blouse. I start to unbutton it, taking my time, there is no hurry. I can see a slight smile on your mouth, then your tongue pokes out and wets your lips so cautiously, so carefully.

I let my hands roam down to your crotch, lightly grazing over it and letting my hands run onto your thighs as I lean in and place my mouth on yours. Feeling your mouth open a bit, I let my tongue dance on your open lips. Your tongue flicks out and teases mine and the game is on. An inverted kiss, tasting each other for the first time, hot breaths mingling. I can feel your heartbeat quickening.

I bring my hands back to your pussy and gently cup it. It is hot, so hot. As I slip your skirt up to your waist you start to seperate you legs. You put your right leg over the arm of the chair. Your head leans toward your left shoulder, allowing me better access to your mouth. I let my tongue push deeply into your mouth, exploring every bit of it, your tongue is vying for it's own spot in this exchange, flicking and darting.

My right hand is now full on your pussy applying pressure with my fingers. I can feel how wet you are through the fabric, very exciting. As I slip my fingers under the elastic at the leg it feels as if you are freshly shaved, silky smooth, and puffing up in response to the erotic stimulation. I slip just the tip of my finger in between the lips and wet it with your juices. I start to slide it back and forth in time with the music, dipping just a bit deeper with each stroke. Bringing it to a stop at your clit. Slowly circling it with the moistened finger tip I feel your back start to arch. So I let the finger resume it's stroking motion. My face is close to yours now, watching your reaction to my massage, slowly your eyes open to slits and your tongue again traces your lips like you are getting reday to say something, but not yet my dear. I let my entire finger push it's way into you. Deep and full, my palm pressed hard on your clit, I start to rotate my finger in a circular motion inside of you. Your body starts to quiver, your hips start to rock back and forth, and your thighs clamp onto my hand, holding it place while you ride out your first orgasm.

Just think, I haven't even removed your clothing and ushered you into the bedroom yet and begun the series of orgasms that you will experience from my mouth. Oh yes, my cock is hard. Very hard. It will still be hard when you are ready to let me slowly start to fill you with it in an agonizingly slow manner. So until then, just relax and enjoy the thought of being carried away in wave after wave of orgasm from the pleasures my mouth will bring to you.

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3/1/2006 7:30 pm delicious. Very very nice. Wish I was there. Oh my..... very nice indeed.

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