Weekend knee-trembler  

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3/26/2006 8:04 am

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Weekend knee-trembler

Mr F & I have guests over that we met in Spain. Wifey is bi, we had a bit of a scene when we ere on holiday. On Saturday the guys played golf and Micha and I went into Poole for shopping. At lunchtime we drifted into a pub on the Quay for a drink, it was packed with guys watching Liverpool v Everton on the big screen. We were squashed in a corner with a bottle of wine and nowhere to sit. I managed to get Micha's jeans undone and pulled halfway down her arse underneath her long mac. Stood with my back to her I nearly broke an arm playing with her naked pussy, no one noticed in all the excitement. It was a great game! Shopping was the last thing on my mind knowing how wet Micha was, so we came home. We were in the kitchen, me legs wide as I saton the worktop and Micha busy with her tongue when we heard the guys come home. I had to get through the rest of the day cooking dinner with this unfulfilled tingling between my legs. After the main course the guys were deep in some conversation about economics - rivetting stuff - when Micha indicated I should follow her. In the downstairs loo she closed the door and locked it. Saying nothing she turned me to stand in front of the basin, and stood behind me as she had in the pub but this time her hand was in my panties. She slowly rubbed between my pussy lips as I leant back on her. She pushed my head forward with one hand wrapped in my hair and told me to open my eyes and look in the mirror. With her face next to mine looking straight into my eyes in that mirror, I could feel her fingers playing probing and playing. She told me to put my foot up on the toilet seat so I was more open to her and she stroked, pulled and massaged until I started moaning and the leg that was supporting me started to buckle. Any time I tried to break eye contact she pulled my hair tighter. She got rougher and quicker as my pussy got wetter, plunging fingers into me, still staring into my eyes as she bit into my shoulder. I nearly cried out, she withdrew her fingers and masterbated my clit as I pulled my lips apart for her, round and round right on the tip of it until I felt my orgasm rip through me, and my leg started shaking uncontrollably as she smiled back at me in the mirror. She likes to watch my face as I cum.

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9/21/2006 5:40 am

Hi Fingerfun,
Just read this story while sat at my desk at work. I have to try and control my excitement but cannot. I may have to work overtime because I cannot leave my desk !!!


Mr Darcy

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