Ghostly encounters  

rm_fiesta469 41M
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8/15/2006 2:17 am
Ghostly encounters

Hello to all well i turned 31 the other day (which hurts OUCH) but seriously it is not all that bad anyway it seems to me that every year on my birthday when i am at work i always see some wierd things going on i work nights in my local hospital and the other night i was on the phone talking to a nurse when something caught my eye i saw i white mist through a window it was moving slowly it made me put the phone down and have a good look but i could not make out what it was it was moving up and down the hallway then it stoped and seemed to have seen me then vanished into thin air i was of course a bit freaked out but hay it was not there to hurt me so i carried on with my job but then i thought more about that experiance and came to a conclusion in 2002 my nan passed away and every year before that we used to see her on our birthdays (we being me and my sisters) without fail a family tradition now every year since my nan passed on i have seen this sought of thing anyway it made me think is this my nan keeping up the old tradition and to be honest i would like to think yes it is as i still miss her. Has anyone else had this sort of experiance before?

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