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For a long time, I've been dreaming of it. Over and over in my mind, all different scenes. I had a taste the other day. A small taste, an appetizer so to say. i can hardly wait to have the main course and if I can stand it, dessert.Mmmm. How I long to have a woman in my arms.The soft skin, the long hair, wet lips on my hot skin. I want to kiss and lick her from her ears to her puckery asshole. Ohhh myyy.

We went to a popular strip club the other evening. I've always wanted to go but had never had the nerve to ask my husband to take me.We had a chance to to get away the other day and took it. I had no idea that we would be going there, but I was so excited by it all when he told me of his last minute plans. I was finally going to get to touch and lick and stroke a womans body. A sensual and erotic woman in my hot hands at last.
I creamed right there in my seat. I was also so very nervous at the thought of, what if I don't do this right, or what if she thinks, etc. My husband stopped me right away and said, relax and enjoy it, stop worrying.

As we entered the club, and my eyes adjusted to the light, I was immediatley pleased and turned on at the sight of it all. Darkly lit for the most part, a large glittering bar with a gorgeous waitress coming our way. Black lights, glowing erotic scenes painted on the walls. The music was just loud enough and the beat of it increased my pulse and made me ready to dance. We took a table just a row behind the front of one of the many stages. It was early in the day, and not many people, men, as I was the only woman besides the dancers and the waitress, in the place. I ordered my VO and coke and my hubby a large beer and looking around surveyed the sites.A petite blonde in denim shorts and topless, grooving to the music and pushing her lovely small tits in the faces of the men at the stage. Turning and kneeling in front of their faces, letting them smell her pussy and wish it was all over their faces. Oh to be there next to them, I thought.
My husband grins and leans to me and asks, what to you think?
What do I think, I'm in heaven, that's what I think. I smile and say, this is going to be great. Another dancer, another blonde, comes to the stage. I think, too skinny, no tits, and how does she dance in those platform boots? And I turn my eyes to the bar and there is the most beautiful dark hair, dark eyed, luscious assed, long legged dancer with large round gorgeous tits looking right at me with a smile. Oh my, ohmyohmy.
My husband follows my gaze and says she's nice, huh? When he looks back at me and sees the lust in my eyes, he smiles broadly and says, I see you like her too. Maybe she's up next to dance. Ohmy.
I'm having a good time, and have another drink to calm my stomach. Now I notice, every so often that the men are also looking at me. And looking at me looking at the dancers. And they're obviously turned on by that. This is great. My juices are flowing, my mind is racing, what if I could touch her, alone, in the semidark room in the back. What would I do, what would they think I she came over after me, and led me to the back? Well, I would find out.
I excused myself to go to the ladies room. I had to walk in front of all those men, to the other side of the club. My husband said, don't worry, they won't bite you. So, I sucked in a deep breath and stood and found my legs would carry me there. And made eyed contact with them and smiled at them to let them know, yes I was having a good time, too.
When I returned from the loo, my loving husband moved up to the seats at the stage. Surprised and excited at the same time, I took a chair next to him and said, what do you think you are doing to me, honey?
Again he says, Relax and quit worrying about what they think and have fun. And then here she comes to our stage, the beautiful brunette. Oh my gawd, she is even more gorgeous up close. How wilI I ever stand it? Here she comes, twirling and grooving, getting into the music and sees me watching her. I get brave and make eye contact with her and see her smile at me and start dancing just for me. Her body is darkly tanned and smooth, a small yellow panty and tube top all that's covering her luscious ass and breasts. She's straddling the pole, and grinding her pussy against it, pinching her nipples with her free hand and looking into my eyes. Her long hair is swishing and flowing all around, she comes to me and kneels in front of me, takes my hair in her hands and puts those lovely globes of softness in my face. she smells wonderful. Her body rises and my face is on her stomach and just inches from her pussy. She is on her feet and spreading her legs in front of my face, leaning back on one arm and touches herself just for me. Ohmyohmy, bouncing in front of me dancing and then, shes gone. On to the next, leaving me breathless.
I need another drink, honey, please and he calls over the waitress. They whisper and in a minute, my drink is here. He says, I think that you need to have the whole experience, you need a lap dance. You deserve it, you are so good to me, my favorite private porn star. Here she comes, now he says.
And she is here, taking my hand, the brunette I have been lusting over is guiding me to the back room and the guys are loving it. I see a couple of them approaching my husband as I entered the dark room.
She sits me in a private booth, soft and luxurious, candles flickering and sits next to me and says, whats up?
I tell her that this is my first time here and don't exactly know what to do. Relax she says and don't worry, Where have I heard this before?
We chat for a minute about my loving husband and she thinks it's great that a wife and husband are out together and having such a wonderful time. Oh My.
A new song comes on and she rises from the sofa and starts to strip for me, this time having on a long black silk strapless dress that is soon in a pool at her feet. Her black g'string is leather and sexy as hell. She is dancing and I'm touching those wonderful tits, pinching her nipples like I like mine pinched, right on the ends. I'm running my hands over her body, her tits, her thighs, she turns aaround and her ass is in my face. I have to spread her cheeks and dive in, grab her hips and hang on, and then run my hands over the hips and thighs and just briefly touch her gstring covered pussy. She lays on top of me and my face is covered in her hair, my hands roaming all over, my pussy is so wet and tinling.Do you have any panties on, she asks. Unfortunately, I do, and I tell her so. She tells me women don't usually wear panties in the back. I told her that I would remember that for the next time.She opens my thighs and runs her hands up my skirt. I am dazed and so damn horny, please touch my pussy is all I can think of. She rises and I nibble and lick all the way up, she is moaning softly. Your skin is so soft, I tell her. I love this. I have just changed my life. The song ends. My honey is going to get the blowjob of a lifetime for this, Im thinking. Its time to go back to the table. I told her I loved it and that she was beautiful.
I walked out of the dark private area back to my smiling husband and sat down. What do you think now, he asks. I said, Can I do it again? Soon?
The men have been asking him, is that your wife, aren't you going to watch them, are you the man, or what, he tells me. One of them comes and sits next to me, he's gorgeous, too. He asks, did you enjoy it? Yes. Did you touch her? Yes. Was she all nude? YEs, I tell him. Did you finger her pussy? Yes, I said, but not enough, but there's always next time. And smiled.

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