A date ...  

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A date ...

I asked you out and of course, you agreed no matter how busy you were. You knew which my favourite restaurant was and you reserved a table early, so that we could get the best place, which was at a nice cosy corner.

You liked the place too. The ambience was fantastic and you would never forget this romantic evening. I saw a gentleman waving to me as I stepped into the restaurant. You were delighted to see the lady walking towards you, with such a charming smile. You stood up and did what a gentleman should do.

We talked, we joked and had fun. The food was good. Everything seemed perfect. But you noticed something. I couldn’t look you into your eyes. You wanted to ask, but somehow you just couldn’t. You could feel my foot rubbing at your ankle underneath the table. You felt good.

You suddenly started looking around to see if anyone was watching us.

You excused yourself as you had to go to the Gents. As you were walking away, I followed you, followed you right to the Gents. As you entered, I walked past you, held your hand and pulled you into the nearest cubicle. Your body touched mine and I reached out to lock the door.

“What! What are you…?” you were trying to ask. My hands were already unzipping your trousers and unbuckling your belt. Seeing your hardness made me go wilder. I put my hand in your boxer and began playing with your … You started to pull down your shorts yourself as you walked towards me. I climbed up onto the toilet bowl, and not to be seen be others, I bend down a bit, giggling, enjoying the thrill, while holding on to your shoulders. Your warm hands began to …from my thighs to my…

Feeling my wetness, you pulled down my G-string, lifted my short skirt and carried me down to you, and we …again. You were standing and holding my pelvis with your strong arms, moving me up and down. I bit my lips so that I would not scream.

“Not expecting this, right?” I said.

Faster and faster you went…and …

I smiled at you, very pleased...

Winking at you, I quickly made my way to the exit.

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