The Goddess and The Lord  

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The Goddess and The Lord

The Goddess and the Lord

For so long I have waited for this very moment of meeting and seeing each other for the first time in person. Everything is so much more beautiful; your smile and the sultry look of your eyes is truly a wonder to behold. The gorgeous curves of your breasts, and hips, make my mouth water. Although this isn’t the first time I have had the chance of witnessing your exquisite body, meeting face to face is an absolute dream come true.
As I gaze upon your eyes I am at a loss for words. “! I waited for this for a long time! You look incredible!” I said. I have never had a knack for first romantic introductions. I know that there will be better words and even better actions later on into our evening together, over and over again. So I come close and take you in my arms and I in yours as we take each other in an embrace that speaks more than any words.
Within this first embrace, and many more to come, I am showered with your very being. The scent of your hair, the warmth of your body and softness of your skin touching mine makes my heart beat rise. I pull my head back slowly until our eyes meet. I take my hands and cup your face as I move in towards a kiss. Our lips meet in a blissful lust that has been growing since we first met online. The feeling of our tongues dancing around each other to the tune of a song of passion brings us closer than either of us could have imagined.
Passion, love, and lust grow and swiftly take over me as I break the kiss and start showering your neck with kisses. Our clothes come off quickly while we give ourselves over to passion. As our bodies meet and we feel our skin touch each others, the world is ours tonight and ours alone. Together we have created a universe ripe with all the power of lustful passion.
As we kiss I guide you towards the bed. With swiftness, I lay you down upon it as I move down to kiss, lick, and suck your beautiful breasts. Your nipples are already hard with anticipation as my tongue slides in-between your cleavage. I cup your left breast with my right hand, squeezing slightly and teasing your nipple with one of my fingers. I move my head slightly to the left and lick your breast. Your soft moaning as my tongue dances around your nipple excites me as I move from breast to breast.
My mouth waters with desire as I kiss and lick you while descending from your breasts. I can feel your sexual energy intensify the more I slowly move down your body. As my mouth comes just over your pussy I kiss your inner thighs. Teasingly, I lick just around your pussy. Finally, I do a long, slow lick from your ass to the top of your clit. I feel your body quiver as I push my tongue inside of you, and taste your sweetness flow into my mouth.
I slide my hands around the curves of your ass and pull you slightly more towards me as I explore your exquisite flesh. Your juices are flowing steadily into my mouth as I feel you start to grind your pussy into my face while your inner muscles flex. I moan with delight and excitement as I hear your moaning get louder. I hear your breathing start to speed up as I feel the muscles inside of you start to pulse. Your muscles tighten around my tongue and I start to moan louder with you while pushing my tongue deep into you. You slide your hands around my head and push my face even further into your pussy while your orgasm peaks and your juices flow into my mouth as I swallow your sweet essence.
I slowly begin my way up so that our faces meet again in a hungry kiss of lustful passion. In that very moment, I slide my dick into your sweet, warm, pussy. We both moan in pleasure while in our deep kiss of lustful souls. I move in and out of your pussy slow and deep. Every thrust is filled with a beautiful pleasure which excites us both in perfect unison. I pull my head back from the kiss to begin kissing and licking the soft, smooth skin of your neck. All the while I have one hand roaming around the curves of your body. The soft, wet, and hotness of your pussy feels absolutely incredible with each smooth, slow thrust.
On this beautiful night of extreme lust and primal passion, as our bodies’ crash together creating supernovas of pleasure and shockwaves of ecstasy, our souls merge and feed off of each others energy unifying us spiritually. The way that our bodies feel together on top of each others is so amazing. We share each others warmth and bask in the heat of each others lust. I move my head slightly down to lick and suck on your firm nipples while your hands slightly pull my head towards you while I do so. I nibble a little with my teeth ever so gently yet so tastefully. Your moans seem to reverberate throughout my body while I am moaning with you. My pumping slowly begins to speed up ever so slightly as I feel your inner muscles flex around my cock.
Switching positions slightly I sit up on my knees while I pull your legs up and put my arms around them as I push my cock deep into you. I can see your beautiful face with your long hair resting on the bed, and your gorgeous breasts move with every thrust. Your eyes are even more sultry and stunning as they lock into mine. You begin to squeeze your delicious breasts, pinching and pulling at your nipples, while I thrust into your warm sweetness. I start to feel my own orgasm building up as we move with each other. You feel so incredibly wonderful that I don’t want this to end just yet so I pull out and reposition my self to taste your pussy once again.
I lick your clit in long, slow motions dancing around it and sucking in your sweet juices before pushing my tongue deep inside of you. I alternate between licking your clit and the inside of your hot, wet pussy. I then take my finger and gently slide it into you as I lick your clit. Your soft moaning as I do this excites me to no end. Going in and out with my finger and feeling the soft flesh of the inside of you is another incredible pleasure for me, and for you. Oh yes! I feel your muscles start to pulsate around my finger as I finger you and lick you. Your orgasm bursts all over my finger, massaging it in a sexual ferocity of lust. I pull it out and then slide my tongue inside to taste and feel the last beautiful moments of your sexy orgasm.
As I begin to sit up you move around with a swift, yet graceful, motion turning to face me. Our eyes almost never meet as you take my dick in your mouth and I gasp with surprise, and pleasure. Instinctually, I place my hands around your head as you slowly bob up and down. Overcome with this awesome sensation of the wet hotness of your mouth, I say with a long moan “Oh Amy you’re so incredible…So beautiful.” Your reply is simply a deep moan that sends shivers of pleasure all over my body. Just now I realize that my eyes are closed in this instant moment of bliss. You are my heaven, my angel of ultimate beauty, and all my dreams of happiness in this incredible moment.
Your long dark hair is draped across my thighs like a blanket as you take my all of my dick deep into your mouth. Taking both of my hands I cup your precious face while I slowly and subtly pump my cock into your hot, wet mouth. I take a moment to look up and admire your curvaceous body because you are so incredibly hot and it turns me on even more. From this view I can see your hips and ass which are absolutely gorgeous and very tasty looking. As you take your tongue and slide it from the bottom of my balls to the very tip of my dick, I lean my head back in pure pleasure. The way you go up and down on my cock licking in a vibrato like fashion is an incredible, amazing feeling. So much so that I feel my orgasm once again start to take over me. I try to pull back just so that I might last even longer but you quickly reach your arms around me and grab my ass with your hands, firmly pulling me even closer to you. “Oh Jackie I’m going to cum!” I say as my orgasm comes closer. Yet you suck even harder and faster until I can no longer hold back and I burst my hot cum into your mouth. You moan while you take one hand and massage my balls forcing me to cum even harder.
Oh, this is such a sweet night of amazing surprises. And it is definitely not done yet! With my breath still heavy from this awesome orgasm you gave me, I turn you around so that your ass faces me. I take a moment to run my hands all around your beautiful ass. The sheer beauty of your curves is something not easily captured by words. I kiss and lick your sweet ass cheeks while letting my hands roam across them. Suddenly, I do a long and quick lick starting from the top of your clit and ending with my tongue deep in your ass. An amazing night of sweet surprises it is, indeed!
The sweet sound of your gasp becoming a moan tells me that you want this so much. My tongue wiggling around while going in and out of your ass must be a pleasure you have been waiting to feel from me. I know it is something that I have wanted to do to you for a while. Licking around your hole while you push your ass towards my face while I push my face in excites me as well! I take my hands and grab your hips pulling you towards me while I lick you. Alternating between licking and penetrating you with my tongue, I raise up and kiss the small of your back letting my tongue ride back down the crack of your ass. I can see, and feel, your goose bumps as I do this. So of course I do that a few times. Then I do a long slow lick from the very top of your ass all the way to the end of your clit.
Once again I pull back to admire the beauty of your ass and all of your lovely body. I use my hands to spread apart your ass cheeks so that I can see your hole before I do long licks up and down it. While your sweet voice calls my name as your body shivers with ecstasy. The sweet angelic moans that follow resonate through my very soul. This ignites even more passion in me as I lick your beautiful ass while I go down to bury my face in your wet pussy, pushing my tongue deep inside.
I’m hard again, and I just can’t force my self to wait anymore to feel the ultimate rapture of being inside you. So I take my dick and rub it along your wet pussy lips and clit before I slide it into you. The warmth of your pussy instantly envelopes me while I begin to pump you. Moving a little quicker than before, I thrust in and out while our skin claps together. Reaching over a little I take hold of your hair and drape it across your back because to me it’s such a beautiful sight to see! Grabbing your ass with my hands I pull you towards me as I thrust into you. We call out each others names while we make the bed rock with our unbridled passion of sexual intensity.
Our bodies move together as we both feel the incredible sensation of being so intertwined with each others soul. Sweat glistens and beads on my forehead as I drive my cock into you again and again. Each thrust brings us closer to the amazing orgasms we share and thrive on together. Oh, I just want you to cum as hard as you made me cum and I want you to do it while I am inside of you. I want to feel your muscles surround my cock, and pulsate around it. Thinking of this excites me even more as I thrust harder and faster into you. Although I won’t go too fast, we are fucking in the every sense of the word.
You thrust yourself against my thrust and we moan together as we feel each others want for one another grow. Moans become screams of passion as you start to feel your orgasm coming. Every time you call my name out I myself feel my orgasm build. Then with a sudden rush of excitement I feel yours come, and I slow down while pushing my dick deep into you so that I can feel your orgasm. Your entire body shivers and pulses with pleasure while I hold you so that I can feel every moment of your ecstasy. As your orgasm passes I once again pull my throbbing cock out of you and bury my tongue in your ass.
The muscles of your hole are incredibly tight as they tighten around my tongue. To some, the pleasures of this might be considered unnatural. But for us this is the freedom from everything, except for us. We are at our most beautiful as we explore all the pleasures that we discover together. As we each bring each other to ultimate rapture through the pleasures of flesh we become a unity of magical sovereignty from the rest of world.
Sweet sounds of ecstasy emanates from both of us as I lick your sweet hole. I take one finger and rub your clit ever so gently. Slowly I slide two fingers from my right hand into your pussy while I lick your ass. Your pussy is incredibly wet as I slide my fingers in and out slowly. I moan with my tongue deep inside your ass while you moan with me in harmony. Can you feel the vibrations of my voice as I moan?
I pull my fingers out of your pussy and spread your ass cheeks so that I may view the amazing site of your ass dripping with my saliva and mixing with the your juices as it flows downward. Using the fingers on one hand I glide them from your pussy to your ass and back down repeatedly. Following that I do the same with my tongue, leaving you nice and wet. Taking my right hand I slide my middle finger into your wet pussy and smoothly go in and out.
I pull my finger out of your hot oasis and put it in my mouth. The amazing taste of your essence makes my mouth water in lustful hunger. I then bring my finger out of my mouth and firmly yet carefully push it into your ass. You push back towards me forcing my finger even deeper inside you. As I slide my finger in and out of you I feel so amazingly hot that I begin to kiss and suck on the beautiful mounds of your ass leaving hickies here and there.
After a little bit of this I take my other hand and massage your clit with my fingers, while I continue kissing and sucking on your sweet ass cheeks. Slowly I push two fingers into your dripping wet pussy while I steadily finger your ass with my other hand. I can feel the finger that’s in your ass through the wall of your pussy with my other fingers as I slide in and out. Oh, I really like this! And judging from your beautiful moans, I think you do too!
As I finger both of your beautiful holes you rock your body back and forth. Your breathing and moans hasten and grow louder as you lose yourself in lust all over my fingers. I begin to feel your muscles from both your ass and pussy as they begin to spasm succumbing to ecstasy. The way that your ass tightens around my finger gets me incredibly hot as you begin to cum. Your pussy seems to try and swallow my fingers as you explode into the most beautifully intense orgasm you have had yet. Your ass pulses with each wave of this beautiful moment, gripping my finger and pulling it in as I slide it deep into you. And just as your orgasm starts to wane I finger your ass in long deep thrusts making your orgasms stronger before fading as they do.
Your curvaceous body looks amazingly beautiful as you have your ass in the air and your head rests on the bed below. The way your hair rests on the bed is another thing about seeing you in this position. Your eyes look at me with such a power of seduction. And your body beckons me to touch you and to savor this view of you. I take just a little moment of time to gaze upon you before I take my hands and feel the beautifully soft mounds of your ass.
I sit up on my knees, pull myself closer to you, and slide my cock inside your hot, wet pussy. I pump you hard and fast immersing myself into your sweet wetness. Your ass bounces off of me as our skin claps together. Pushing in deep I grind into you slowly before I pull out and lean down to tease your ass with my tongue getting your hole so very wet. I pull you towards my face with my hands as I push my tongue deep into your tight ass.
I’m dying with anticipation, and I know you are too. So I sit up on my knees again and take my dick and rub along your clit before I rub up and down your taboo hole. Your moans fill me with an almost primal lust as I begin to push my dick into your ass. Slowly the head of my dick pops into your ass. I push in slowly as you inhale and exhale sweet sensual moans softly.
After I have pushed in a couple inches of my cock I begin to pump your incredibly tight hole. Your ass squeezes my cock so hard making it so very hard in return. I really have to restrain myself because the sensation of this fuels my lust almost making it almost overwhelming. After a couple minutes of pushing my cock in and out in short thrusts I pull out and lean down to lick you once again. I lick both your ass and your pussy keeping them both so very wet. I then take your sweet juices that have drenched my mouth and lips and rub my dick with them.
I sit back up and push my cock into again except this time I push in all the way. I stay deep in your ass for a few moments as your ass squeezes the very base of my cock. This feels so incredible! I lean down to kiss and run my tongue around your back as I whisper to you, telling you how amazing you make me feel. As I sit up I begin pumping you slow and deep, savoring each thrust of incredible pleasure. And with each thrust I feel myself lose control more and more. So I slowly pull out until the head of my dick is pushed out of you by your awesome muscles.
I push in again and I see your hands clenching the sheets making your knuckles white. I let my hands roam while squeezing your exquisite ass cheeks while I thrust into you. When you moan you make me excited more and more. And I pull you towards me with every deep thrust while we begin to pick up speed slowly but steadily. Our skin begins to clap together. The sounds of our skin slapping together increases getting louder while we bounce off of each other. I can see that you have taken one arm and slid it underneath yourself so that you can massage your clit.
As we delve into each others lust we lose all inhibitions and become beings of sexual ecstasy. The bed rocks back and forth with the headboard smacking against the wall. And our moans intensify as you get so close to orgasm and I come even closer to it. And we sweat with exertion as we rock each others bodies. Suddenly I feel my orgasm overpowering me. So I push in as deep as I can go while grinding into your ass.
I orgasm so intensely and so very hard, shooting my hot cum deep into your ass, as I hold you tight. Ours bodies shake with every wave and pulse of our shared ecstasy. With my arms wrapped around you and my chest pressed firmly on your back I shake with the sheer power of this incredible release of myself into you. And with every wave that comes over me, I moan so very loudly. As my orgasm subsides I feel myself drained yet extremely refreshed while I try to regain my breath. I pull out so slowly and collapse on the bed next to you. You do the same, rolling over on your back just looking up at the ceiling trying to catch your breath. Finally, we hold each other and kiss deeply and lovingly.
In your arms I find my sanctuary. Our bodies together share warmth as we lay so close. We kiss with such amazing energy from our night of unity. And after our kisses you rest your head upon my chest and wrap one arm around me while I do the same wrapping my arms around you. Slowly I drift to sleep holding an angel in my arms tight as I fade away into the night.

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