my Bi guy left me 4 a girl  

rm_fauxman22 57M
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6/23/2006 8:03 pm
my Bi guy left me 4 a girl

My last bad ass boyfriend left me for a girl. Oh no not again. This one was tatted up pierced we met on a construction site. We started working with each other every day he was so hot. I ignored his masculine behaviors and actions as long as I could. He kept telling me about what he liked from the girls. ( they better not spit out my load) I like it when they lick my nuts first and then suck my cock. Well as the older homosexual. I just listened to his talk and waited for the time we could communicate with out all of the other fellers listening and watching us. I was the only gay guy around the construction site.You can put me in a hard hat sleeveless shirts and boots most of the guys knew I was gay. These guys did not have too much to talk about and I was one of there favorite topics. The guys can gossip too. I always hoped it would get me laid but that did not happen often at all. My best compliment was you are one bad ass bitch. I wanted them to know I had some nuts. If I was swinging a hammer or hauling a load of wood.I did not let any straight boy out work me. Brian was just the most beautiful cool Bi bad boys you would ever want to meet at work. It was hard for me not to spend my day looking at his ass. We had been working on a huge house caulking a deck with a vulkum sealer. It took us weeks to complete.Every day we worked together he just got more beautiful and sexy. I fell in love with him when I had to hold his ladder.He was wearing a wife beater Sweating his ass off.I could not take my eyes off his arms. He dripped a ball of sweat off of his armpit right in to my mouth. I had to stick my toung out to catch it. The next day we were sent out to this deck job agian. The house was a speculation home and was for sale for over a million dollars. It was almost completed and the A/C was on. It must have been a ninety out side and we were milking the job to hang out at this cool house all day. No one really had to check up on us. We just did our jobs so we were on our own a lot. Brian was still fucked up from the night before I was tired as hell. We went in to the house and were enjoying some of the a/c in the MBR. There he was laying on the floor in his short pants arms up in the air hot and fucked up. I was laying there looking at his crotch. He spread his legs and he was smoking a joint. There was some story about getting his cock sucked by some crack whore. He had to have known that I had been watching him for a couple of weeks. Man I have got to jump in to the shower.This hang over is just killing me. Go and lock the door. I did and when I got back he was naked in the shower. I stood there for a while and watched him. He told me come here and do whatever it is that you do. The first thing I did was lick his nuts.I flung off my cloths and just started licking him He just laid there getting his nuts Licked his dick sucked and his ass licked.All I could think of was great this bad ass is a total bottom. I had remberd from a previous conversation that he could always cum twice. I worked his cock and ass until he shot off in my mouth. I started to swallow his load but spit it in to my hand and put it on my asshole. I grabbed hold of is shoulders and sat on his rock hard cock. I started fucking myself. At this point it was all about me. He flipped me over and started to fuck me so hard I thought I was going to come right away. I blew my load on him and he just kept fucking me .He made this serious sex face and busted his nut deep inside me.He said most of the chicks cant keep up with me.I don't like a lot of talk but we put our boxers on and laid here for an hour.We hooked up every day for the next six months. He told me he has gotten a girl pregnant and he was going to go and be with her now. He still calls me now and then.

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