Washer and Dryer Fantasy  

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Washer and Dryer Fantasy

I couldn't believe how high I let my pile of laundry get. I needed to wash clothes and bad. I started sorting them out like I do. I put a pile of whites into my laundry basket and headed towards the laundry room in my apartment building. I started the washing machine, and then put my clothes in. I walked back to my apartment thinking this is going to be a boring afternoon.

My phone was ringing when I entered my apartment, and my friend, Travis, was calling to find out what I was up to. Told him I was doing a little cleaning and washing some clothes. He jokingly told me he’d come over and help me, if I asked nicely. I asked him, “Well, what are you gonna help me with?” “Anything you need help with.” was his reply

“So, does that mean you’d come fix a problem if I was horny?” I joked. He laughed and said, “Sure, baby, anything you need.” After that little comment nothing else was said about that. We talked about what we were gonna do that night, and then he abruptly said he had to go.

I was a little disappointed that he had to go, but I shrugged it off and started washing some dishes. When it was time to put the clothes from the wash to the dryer, I grabbed another load to put in the washing machine. I headed down to the laundry room, not really thinking of anything until I heard the door open behind me. I turned to look at who it was; there stood my friend Travis. I was shocked to see his muscular form fill the door way. I glanced up at his face and he had this knowing smile on his face.

I backed up to the door of the laundry room, and asked, “What are you doing here?” “I came to help a friend in need.” He said with a cocky grin on his face, his blue eyes holding a sparkle of excitement. I said, “Oh really?” He came up to stand not a foot a way from me, and pushed me back into the laundry room, and when he was fully inside he shut the door behind him.

I smiled and said, “Now, what are you planning on doing?” “I’m gonna let you start the dryer and then I’m gonna lift you up on to it and eat your pussy and suck on your clit.” He said. With those words echoing in my head, I felt my panties become wet. I smiled, and then turned around to put the clothes in the dryer then reload the washing machine. I glanced over my shoulder and Travis was leaning up against the wall watching me.

As soon as I had the washing machine lid closed, Travis grabbed my hips and roughly jerked me towards him. He rubbed his cock into my ass. All I could do was lean my head back against his chest, while he continued to rub his cock against my ass. Then he snaked a hand up to one of my breasts and began to rub and pinch the nipple gently. I was totally excited and couldn’t stand there any longer. I turned around wrapped my arms around his neck, and rose up on to my tipsy toes so I could touch my lips to his.

Soon his tongue and mine were dancing in and out of each others mouths, as our hands explored each others bodies. Suddenly, his hands were on my ass, lifting me up off the floor and setting me down on the dryer. He undid my jeans and I lifted my hips so he could slide them down and off. Travis went down to his knees and slide my hips to the edge of the dryer, as I felt his tongue against my clit. Then he sucked my clit into his mouth. He continued to suck on my clit, and I then I felt his fingers against my opening. He slide one finger into my pussy and my body jerked with the pressure I was feeling. All of a sudden, I had to stiffen a cry of ecstasy as I felt myself let go. Travis looked up at me, smiling, as he said, “I’ve always liked the taste of your pussy juice.”

I watched him stand up, and lower his jeans. His cock was standing erect, as he came to stand right between my legs. I rose up on my hands, as he slowly pushed inside of my awaiting, wet pussy. He teased me. Only letting the head of his cock go inside, and then he came out of me again. I whispered, “Please.” “Please what,” he said. “Fuck me, Travis, Fuck me hard,” I said. With one quick motion his cock was buried deep inside of me. He was coming in and out of me so fast, hitting me hard when he was thrusting himself deep inside of me.

I wrapped my legs around his hips. Travis thrust his cock inside of me one last time, his hands holding on to my hips, so that I couldn’t move. I felt his hot cum, deep inside of me. I smiled at him and said, “Let’s have another go back at my apartment.” He smiled and slowly I felt his cock come out of my pussy. I got dressed and opened the door, then walked out.

Back in my apartment, with the door shut, I pushed Travis to a chair. I undid and lowered his jeans before he sat. I dropped to my knees, and took his cock in my hand. I lowered my mouth to the tip of his semi-hard cock. I licked the tip with my tongue, before wrapping my lips around the head. I started sucking his cock into my mouth, slowly at first then faster when his cock began completely hard in my mouth.

Travis stopped me and said, “No more, or I’m gonna cum.” I stood up, lowered my jeans to the floor and stepped out of them. I sat down on Travis’s lap with each leg on either side of his thighs. I took his cock into my hand and guided it to my awaiting pussy. I didn’t wait; I sat fully on top of his cock and began to move. Travis grabbed my tits and started to rub them hard, as I bounced up and down on his lap.

I threw my head back in ecstasy, as a rapid warmth ran through my body. I started to moan. I felt Travis’s hands leave my tits and then they were on my hips, helping me keep the rhythm. He continued to lift his hips when I was coming down on to his cock, so we were meeting half way, with rough strokes. I moaned loader when another orgasm ran through my body. Travis jerked up into me a few more times, until he too exploded inside of me a second time.

I rested my head on his shoulder, not moving. My body felt like jell-o and I couldn’t remember when I had ever felt this relaxed. I thought to myself, this should be mandatory whenever I do laundry!!

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4/5/2006 7:45 pm

Thanks for changing my name and eyecolor, oh, and you are welcome for the help...

liketoworkonyou 38M

4/6/2006 12:45 pm

I know I just like to have some fun. It was a good story though and is it possible that you were thinking of me? I think so... LOL

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