Shower Sex  

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3/5/2006 10:16 pm

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Shower Sex

Since this weather is not cooperating, I’ve had to settle for fun indoors. One of the guys I know was bored and in need of some cheering up, so we opt for staying at my place and watch a few movies. I knew he was tense, so I offered him a back rub. With in minutes, he started too relaxing and his hands found my legs and he began to massage my calf muscles, as I rubbed his shoulders.

In just a few quick movements he was facing me, with a smile on his face. He continued to massage my calves as I questioned him with my eyes. What was he up to I wondered but not for long. His hands moved up to my thighs as he continued to rub slowly. His mouth came down to meet my lips in a soft caress. I was tentative at first, but loved the feel of his lips against mine. I leaned back so that my back was right up against my couch.

His lips left mine and continued a trail down to my neck. First kissing my ear, then right below my ear and onto my neck. Kissing softly, licking a little, and then kissing where he licked. Then he nibbled on my neck and it made me jump and send shivers down my spine. My hands came up to rest around his neck as he continued to kiss my neck and rub my thighs.

His hands continued to make a path up to my stomach, on up to my breasts. Slowly my shirt came off and he started to kiss a path between each breast, as they were still trapped in my white lacey bra. His hands worked themselves to my back and found the hook to my bra, and without much thought my bra was laying on the floor next to my shirt. He asked me to lay completely on the floor and so I obliged.

As soon as my head was lying on the floor, he continued to kiss each breast and then kissed my stomach. Dear lord, I was ready to burst, no one’s paid this much attention to my body in a long time. Talk about feeling like the center of the universe. He made his way down to my belly button, kissing and licking around it. His hands worked their way into my sweats and he found my clit with his fingers. I arched my back, loving the feeling of his fingers playing with my clit.

Soon my sweats were gone, and I was totally nude, lying on my living room floor. The movie forgotten, as he continued to work his magic on my clit and then one of his fingers found the rest of my wet pussy as a finger slid deep inside of me. He continued to move his fingers against my clit and in and out of my pussy, as I began to moan. I felt my first orgasm hit me like a rocket and I moaned louder.

His lips found mine and his fingers worked on my pussy some more. I roamed my hands all over his back and on down. Somewhere along the way, he had worked himself out of his jeans and boxers. My hands touched his bare ass, and I squeezed, asking silently for more. He rose above me, looking into my eyes asking silently if it was ok, and I shook my head yes. I felt his cock between my thighs, teasing me. I tried rising my hips to meet his cock, but he held me still with his hand. His cock was at my entrance, and with one quick thrust he was deep inside of me.

He didn’t move for what seemed like an eternity. Slowly, I felt his cock leave my pussy, then quickly return, hard. He continued his slow moves and quick enters for just a little while, until he couldn’t handle it any more and began slam his cock into me hard. I raised my hips to meet his thrusts. I heard him start to moan and I looked up and told him it was ok to cum. He came hard, he grabbed my hips and groaned his own hips into mine and held me there as he began to buck.

I felt him leave me, and in the next second, I felt his hot cum all over my stomach. He rolled over on to his back, breathing hard. He kept telling me that he was sorry that he had cum before I did, but I just shook my head and said, “Next time, we’ll cum together.” He laughed and said, “Ok, but let me catch my breath.”

I got up and went into the bathroom, to clean up a little. I started a shower, and when the water was warm enough, I stepped in and closed the shower curtain. I rested my head against the wall and let the water run down my back. A few minutes later, I felt his hands on my back. I turned around and smiled at him. He didn’t say a word, just kissed me hard and grabbed my hips. He lifted me up, so that I would wrap my legs around his hips. I did so, and my mouth left his as I let my back rest against the wall.

Within seconds, his cock was deep inside of me and he was pounding into me again. I wrapped my arms around his neck and sat up straight. I began to move up and down as much as I could, matching his movements. I started to moan and he stopped moving. I looked down at him and he opened the shower curtain and with me still connected to him, he walked into the bedroom. He told me to hold on, as he slowly lowered himself on to the bed, and I was on top.

Once he was lying flat on the bed, I rose up and began rising up and down on his cock. It felt so good. I rode him as fast as I could, and he began to buck underneath me. I liked it when he did this. I told him, I was ready to cum and he grabbed my hips and pounded into me as hard as he could. I came so hard, I actually screamed and with one last thrust up into me, he came too. I fell on top of him, totally spent. I didn’t want to move, and I didn’t for several hours. We both fell asleep, with him still semi-hard inside of me.

What a good night it turned out to be, not only for him, but for myself too.

Until next time, sweet dreams.

liketoworkonyou 38M

3/5/2006 10:47 pm

I just recently watched "Walk the line" for the first time and I think the only way it could have been any better was if we watched it together. Thanks, for putting the hitch in my giddiup...Later

campfirecozy 66M

3/6/2006 12:30 pm


I believe that would classify as a full body massage!

nicely done,

Fun4U2-69-Me 36M/42F

3/7/2006 3:26 pm

Anytime you want to cum watch a movie with us you let us know! It sounds like movies with you are more fun...

campfirecozy 66M

3/10/2006 2:56 am


This is just a quick note to let you know that Shower Sex{/i] made [post 264744]... Congrats!

Keep a little ice on that pen of yours (we wouldn't want it to melt, now would we?)

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