Kicks in 2006 (WeFest)  

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8/7/2006 3:37 pm

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Kicks in 2006 (WeFest)

My time at WeFest went by way to fast! It was an awesome time and I recommend it to anyone to go next year.

I left here on Tuesday and headed for Detroit Lakes, Minn. The group of girls I was with and I got there early on Wednesday, to set up camp. Wednesday night there was a little street dance type thing going on in the camp ground and we were all drinking, but went to bed early that night.

Thursday came and we started drinking, right after we all took showers. The bands started at 3:30 so we headed over. Rascal Flatts were the head liners that night. And if I remember right, Martina McBride played that night, but I couldn't tell who else did. But they were all great. I played the wheel of destiny and did my first flashing of the weekend and got a set of BudLight beads.

Friday night came and it was the same thing over again, then headed to the concerts. This was the best night there. Josh Gracin played, then Terri Clark, then Big and Rich and the head liners for the night, Brooks and Dunn. This night was when the fun really started. I met up with a guy back at the campsite and we went dancing. There was 3 or 4 different campsites that had music playing and dancing.

The girls I was with took off walking around and met up with several more guys. After my guy and I got tired of dancing we went back to my campsite and grabbed a beer. After drinking half of it, this guy grabs me and starts kissing my neck. I was in I was instantly horny. To say the least, I got a little loving that night. And I've never been with a guy as big as him.

He went down on me, licking my pussy until I was squirming and he came up and kissed my mouth. I tasted myself on him. The moment came and I wrapped my hand around his hard cock. And I about froze. I couldn't wrap my hand around his cock. I ran my hand up the length and I was surprised yet again with how long he was. I was actually scared for a few seconds that this wasn't going to work.

He was gentle and went really slow, and let me relax as he slid inside of me. He stretched me and damn, it felt good. Once he was all the way inside of me, he rose slowly out of me and back. He picked up the speed and soon it wasn't enough for me, I had to be on top. He rose up off of me and laid down. I grabbed his cock with my hand, amazed yet again, with his size and slowly sank down.

I got off so fast. He grabbed my hips and kept pushing up inside of me, and within a few seconds I orgasm-ed a second time.

While we were going at it, the rest of the girls from my camp showed up with some guys and shook the tent that my guy and I were in. Luckily they were nice enough not to come inside. We finished up and listened to them talk outside.

The girls were flashing the guys, and the guys were doing "motor boats" to the girls. One girl, who she had to be at least a DD, was the one the guys loved sticking their heads between her tits. This went on for a few hours, but my guy and I went back into the tent and started at it again.

The next morning, I found out the girls all went off with a different guy and had their fun, some in the camper that we had. So this was Saturday morning, the last day of concerts. Trent Tomilson, Trisha Yearwood, Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney played that night.Before we headed to the concerts, I flashed a guy for a t-shirt, which I'll put up a picture later, when I get the film developed.

During the Kenny Chesney concert, me and one of the girls head for the bathroom and ended up meeting several others guys. I stole one the guy's wrangler patch and so he asked if I wanted to play the penny game. I had to get the penny out of his mouth. And I ended up making out with him for a few minutes.

These guys came by our campsite after the concerts and we drank some more. And the guy, that I stole the wrangler patch from and I made out again and decided to take it the tent, while his friend took one of the other girls around the camper and had their fun.

This guy loved rough sex. Oh my! He bite my neck, wrapped his hands up in my hair and kissed me hard. We stripped and I got up on top. He grabbed my hips and bucked under me as I moved on top. We moved like this for awhile and it felt so damn good. I orgasm-ed with him telling me to just scream, but I couldn't with the girls hanging around outside. I grabbed his neck and kissed him hard on this mouth, moaning really loud into his mouth.

I got off of him and he got behind me. Once his cock was inside of my pussy. His right hand went to my hip as his left hand grabbed and pulled on my hair. He was pumping into me hard and fast. After a while, I turned around and laid on my back. My legs went up to his shoulders and he went into me again, pounding me hard. I got off again, and then he let himself go.

This went on pretty much all night long and I was in heaven. Him and his friend left about 6 in the morning, so I got 3 hours of sleep. As all of us got up at 9 to pack camp and head for home.

Can't wait until "Heaven in 2007!" It'll be another great WeFest, as it'll be the 25 Anniversary.

NDGirlWantsFun 34F

8/7/2006 7:35 pm

wow!!!!!!!! sounds like you had a great time girl! kinda disappointed u didn't do the 3some thing tho anyway welcome back!

Kristofer32 46M

8/8/2006 4:19 am be young, dumb and full 'o cum just one more time. Glad you had a good time.


Cowboy_Deluxe 38M

8/8/2006 7:15 am

See now there is something, all that drinking and singing, and loving Glad you got some it is soo good, sex my ohh my! Freakin' just like everything is good thats all it takes.

rm_rockman_ 46M
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8/13/2006 7:29 am

congrats, I love weekend concerts like that where you can meet some hot chicks, take them to your tent, or other places, and have lots of hot sex

romain236 35M
1 post
8/17/2006 10:49 am

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