Horses or 4-wheelers  

rm_farm_girl84 32F
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2/12/2006 1:58 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Horses or 4-wheelers

I was out with some friends last night, and we got into a discussion about 4-wheelers verses horses. I personally love to ride horses. 4-wheelers are fun, but I like to keep a little of the past here with me by riding horses when we move cows or check fence.

Of course, 4-wheelers are convenient and it doesn't take long to hop on one, start and go. And they don't give you an attitude. Where as horses, you need to catch them, saddle them, and then you might be able to go, if they aren't giving you an attitude.

Either way it's fun. Nothing like going out in the summer time, riding a horse or a 4-wheeler and be gone for hours. A person can blow off a lot of steam this way, I know I have a few times in the past.

LustyTaurus 48M  
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2/12/2006 2:52 pm

Somehow I think it's like the difference between a man and a dildo...both have their advantages, depending on your mood(or theirs)


herringje 40M

2/12/2006 4:13 pm

i would prefer horse back riding anyday espeacally in the sun set with a hot litle sexy girl like you farm girl84

mfrancis67 49M

2/12/2006 4:27 pm

how about both . love to see you ride both bare back,,LOL

anyageisgood 79M

2/12/2006 5:20 pm

Horses and 4-wheelers are useful, but horses are alive like your girlfriend or boyfriend, and you can talk to them, feed them, rub them, get a response, and ride the hell out of 'em in more than one way. Ride a 4-wheeler more than one way! (Some dude out in Washington State just killed himself getting fucked by a horse. Think a four-wheeler would do that?)

My Uncle, who taught me about cowboying, was still arising at 2:30 a.m. on the high plains of Kansas in January at age 85 to move cows with cowboys on horses. In the summer, sometimes, he'd permit the use of 4-wheelers, but he always rode a horse himself.

Anything a 4-wheeler can do, a horse can do better, and a good many of them can talk to you, too. Not no 4-wheelers.

Darlin', this 68-year old loves the picture of your titty and your entire attitude. I reckon you know the difference between real men and metrosexuals.

Nitey-nite, Darlin', and my best wishes to you.

Tex (anyageisgood)

saddletrampsk 54F

2/12/2006 5:30 pm

I love riding my motor running

rm_herestill 56M

2/12/2006 6:28 pm

I've riden both,like the 4wheelers best,put the ear plugs in listen to what you like and enjoy the day!

Cowboy_Deluxe 38M

2/13/2006 5:30 am

I would prefer a 4 wheeler myself, I don't like using horses for cattle, just been so damn long since I pushed cattle with a horse. Besides my butt isn't so damn sore afterwards.. I would prefer a horse for romantic stuff, or for something to get away on, but not for work..and this steam! I now know why we having been so many foggy days down here now.


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