Cowgirl Words of Wisdom.  

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Cowgirl Words of Wisdom.

A friend of mine sent this to me, and thought I'd share it. ~FG

Sometimes the most important moments take only a few seconds.
Sometimes a few bad seconds seem like a lifetime.
Sometimes the smallest words say the most.
Sometimes cruel actions get the best results.
Sometimes it hurts so much that you feel no pain.
Sometimes something crazy seems to be normal.
Sometimes the quietest person has the most to say.
Sometimes scars fade but still last forever.
Sometimes you see so much that you see nothing.
Sometimes the loudest person has the most to hide.
Sometimes laughter is the only way to stop the tears.
Sometimes trivial things seem so important.
Sometimes you need curves in the road to get straightened out.
Sometimes you want to yell so much you have to hang up the phone.
Sometimes the toughest people get hurt the easiest.
Sometimes life moves so fast it moves in slow motion.
Sometimes the worst words still end in the best decision.
Sometimes you need less of something to appreciate it.
Sometimes those you love the most cause the most pain.
Sometimes a moment takes so long to come that it is already gone.
Sometimes it gets so dark you can see the light.
Sometimes you win the most when you lose.
Sometimes you need to lose your mind to find yourself
But you can ALWAYS make it out ALIVE,
even if everything is
and spinnin!

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Been there, done that

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