~ This I do to You, with great pleasure ~ p2  

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~ This I do to You, with great pleasure ~ p2

Your eyes pierce me with inquisitiveness,
"sometimes wondered what it might be like" are the words that snuck from your lips. "What?", i shyly reply not sure what to expect next. You obviously have something wicked in mind.
"To see you do that to yourself," you whisper "didn't think i would masturbate too, though"

Then you try to tell me you don't masturbate, but then I tell you that you just did a fantastic job just then. "Beginners Luck!" you reply.
"You mean lucky me, don't you?"

You bite your lip, sensually, and i watch you slowly lick your lips. Your eyes are fixated on my torso and below.

You then instruct me in an almost militant fashion, "If you liked that, do as i say and stand in the corner where i can see you and you can see me." My heart pounds with expectation of another exciting display of sensual erotica.

I turn and lean into the corner with one leg up for support, James Dean style. You slump yourself on your belly facing me and chin on hands. A bit shocked, as the role seems to have reversed, I say "cum on baby, i thought you were going to show what you like." "I am", you reply.
"Now wipe that mess off your dick and wipe it across your belly", your instruct. I obey, but only because you take me by such surprise, my heart quivers with excitement.

"I don't masturbate." you remind again
"But I just saw you" i reply.
"No, you didn't" you deny, "you masturbated."
"And when you masturbated you fucked me in the most incredible way. I could see all of you fucking me and I felt it exactly as I a wanted to"

"Now fuck me like that again, but i want to see more"

"what must i do?" i have lost interest and my dick is shrivelling away to hide.
"Well, show me how you make that big again", you request.
"It would help if you would roll over and let me see your honey pot or something" i say.
You reply adamantly "I will do exactly as I feel, OK. Now make your dick big."

thinking 'what the hey', i lean back and try to play the game. I turned you on before, surely i can do it again. I rub my dick about a bit, and even give it a stretch and a tug.

"Ooh!" you repond with a bounce and end up straddling the corner of the bed, "Where are going to put that?"

"In there." i say with a smile as my dick grows hard again and i can grab it and let out a moan. A wave of pleasure rolls through me as I admire your luscious pussy. I move towards you but you send me back.

You lean back on one arm as you begin to penetrate your pussy with the fingers of your other hand. You tell me to massage my balls with the other hand and to slow down the stroking of my cock. "Does that feel good?" you ask.

"Ooh! Yeah!" i reply, while imagining how good it must feel inside your pussy right now. I watch intentively as you slip an extra finger in, slowly stroke in and out as i also stroke myself. I feel the hand on my balls fall down between my legs and feel for my anus. I watch your hands stroke yourself and my hand does the same around my rosebud.

"Does That feel good" you ask i reply with a nod.
"see what i'm doing?" you ask as you slip a finger deep inside yourself.
"Yes" i reply.
"You do it", you order almost with desperation.
shocked, but too excited by the sexy view i see before, i did not want to dissappoint.
"Sure" i reply, "looks like fun"
I raise a leg a little and slip the finger in.
It was worth any self emabarassment as i notice your excitement rise and you respond with vigorous massaging of your clitoris. Which drives my excitement to finger myself with similar passion.

"Does that feel good" you ask grasping for air, i swear you are about to cum.

"!~Aha~!" i respond hoping to see you do something similar.

Suddenly I see your gorgeous arse raising in the air, as you straddle your knees.

"Can you see what i am doing?", you ask
"Yes." i reply
"Tell me what you see."
i see you fingering your beautiful pussy and showing me your delicious looking arse.

My cock spasms harder and harder and my groans become louder, as i watch you slide your fingers from your pussy slowly up to the rosebud of your arse.

"Watch this, baby" you say to me as you slip your moist index finger into your lovely bumhole.

I cum almost immediately but continue to masturbate my throbbing cock as you gently explore your anus with subtle moans and groans.

"Oh baby you are so beautiful to me" i say to you with loving admiration

"Oh i'm cumming" you say
"Oh i'm fingering my arse and i'm cumming, can you see me"
"My heart is pounding baby" i reply

I then position myself behind you so that i can lick your arse and pussy, while i make myself hard yet again.

"What next baby?"

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Schöne Phantasie!

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