~ This I do to You, with great pleasure ~ p1  

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~ This I do to You, with great pleasure ~ p1

You say you are tired and wish to lay down.
"Please do" i say, "and be sure to make yourself comfortable".
moments later i enter the bedroom to find you stretched out upon the bed, face down, wearing lacey lingerie, panties only.

You have a fine body; I stall in the doorway and lean against the wall to admire your smooth delectable curves and crevices.

I pause a moment longer, rubbing myself, and wonder how easy it would be to masturbate right now. The shape of your bum is beautiful and i can imagine sliding my cock between your crack as i sensually lick you back and neck.

My groan arouses you as I spontaneously stroke my cock, swirling precum around my knob. You glimpse me and say "Stop that!".

you roll over,exposing your glorious breasts and your legs fall apart, i see all of your sexy body.
The lacey panties do little to hide your glistening pussy.

"What are doing?" you ask, my heart pounds from embarassment while at the same time feeling extremely horny.

then you tell me not to stop. your initial look of shock turns into a naughty grin. "You horny bastard!" you say.

"You like to watch me do you?" you say to me as your right hand slides down to your panties and Your eyes peruse my horny body. My heart throbbing as I watch you.

"I saw what you were doing." you say with a snicker, your knees now in the air as you drag you panties over your ankles.
My eyes focus on the glistening wetness now exposed between those gorgeous bum cheeks of yours. I imagine my tongue savouring your bitter bum bud and sweat pussy lips.(i start stroking myself again)
"yeah, that's it now don't stop". you say
"don't you stop" i say "damn, your sexy"

i watch you slide your fingers into your wet pussy and start to play with yourself.
Your knees are wide apart in the air, allowing me to see all that you are doing to yourself.
As you wiggle your fingers about I hear your juices as I am sure you can hear mine. In rhythm we now be. Your legs gently sway like wings of a butterfly, as you slowly slip in and out.

"Oh baby, I'm going to make myself cum" you scream is gasps.

Your right hand lavishes the insides of your now gushing pussy, while you cleverly manipulate your clitoris with your left hand. your hips convulse

Your wrything pleasures arouse me to incredible heights. My eyes focused on the blissful display before me. As you eyes focus on my pumping hips fucking my hand in violent thrusts.

I see your spirit appear to float as the jism spirts from my cock.

I stay leaning against the wall, cock in hand, rubbing the slippery mess about the sensitive knob.
Regaining my breath as I admire you relax massaging your inner thighs.

"Wow" you say as your fingers beginning to massage your pussy again.

"Now, guess what I want you to do!"
Your face becomes serious, as you tickle a Gspot.

"Your wish is my command..." i reply...

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