Are you stressed out?  

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2/4/2006 8:52 pm

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Are you stressed out?

I fact after I log off of here every night I do this every night.....It was taught to me when I was just starting to practice Wicca though it's basically a form of meditation


you need:
-a candle any kind any color will do
-anything else to help you relax...soft classical music, a specific scent(this is not necessary but it helps some people)

How to:

find yourself the darkest quietest part of your home(I should for safety's sake mention that you will be burning the candle so maintain plenty of space, this statement applies to only a few people I realize that most of us are intelligent enough that this won't be a problem, but there will be someone who tries to do this in their closet...and for that person your a dumb-ass)that you can stand to be in for a while
light the candle set up your other relaxing things
kill the lights and get comfortable( I prefer to sit on the floor...I've even heard of folks doing this in the nude)
now stare at the flame for a while and clear your mind
once your mind is blank try to focus all of your negative emotions on the flame.....cuss the son of a bitch out if you have to just don't blow it out....the main point is to watch it all burn away as you get it out
now that that's out continue to concentrate on the flame and picture something that will make you feel totally content and happy....try to picture the flame taking the form of whatever it is( this is only to sort of replace the negativity and help make it a more fulfilling experience....sort of like sex with plenty of orgasms for all parties involved)
when you feel quite content you're done

try it if you works for me....who knows it may for you too....any questions or comments well you know where to find me

Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll
Till next time,
Joey Famine

till we meet next Sex Guns and Rock N' Roll
Joey Famine

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