i love being fucked by Martin  

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12/31/2005 4:32 pm

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i love being fucked by Martin

I am pleased that most men think of me as a cocksucker. But, my friend Martin is different. Martin visits Los Angeles twice a year and when he is here he invites me to his hotel room.

I am short and Martin is a tall man and when I am lying naked on his soft bed, with his full body weight on top of me I am in heaven. He doesn't want me to suck his cock at all. Instead, he kisses me, deeply and completely. His tongue enters my mouth while his wonderfully hairy body covers me. He totally controls me and my cock grows hard as I feel his hard cock against my body.

Now in his 70's Martin is extremely passionate with me. He touches me freely, feeling, pinching and playing with my nipples allowing his fingers to move over my helpless body. Since he prefers that I not suck his cock, I use my fingers to arouse him, playing with his long shaft, his loose foreskin, his lovely balls and feeling the precum flow from the tip of his cockhead. He will kiss me and play with me this way for over an hour.

At some moment of his choosing, Martins fingers will circle my sensitive ass and he will begin applying lube to me, working first one finger inside me, then patiently two fingers and then three. It is very hard for me to be fucked because most men are too big for me or are not patient enough with me but Martin's fingers enter me, lube me and sensitizers me inside and out, while widening me and totally preparing me to receive his cock.

He allows me to roll the condom down his cock shaft and I add as much lube to his cock as I can. Then, he pushes my legs back so that my ass if lifted and my ass is pulled to open me up for him and his demanding cock. There is always resistance by my too tight ass but he is persistent and slowly I feel his hard warmth slide into me, slowly, carefully but at last, completely and I am thrilled to feel Martins full length deep inside me. He is not thick but he is long.

I must cup one hand around my balls to protect them from the violence of Martins passionate fucking. This way Martin can fuck me exactly as he wants. He is always slow at first, and I feel my ass hole and my insides adjust for his insistent cock. I grow suddenly sensitive around my ass hole with a thousand nerves transmitting wonderful pleasure to me as his cock slides in and out slowly. But as time moves on he gets rougher and rougher and at the same time he lays across me, crushing me with his hairy maleness and, while he violently fucks my ass with his cock, his thick tongue finds my passionate mouth and he tonguefucks my mouth as roughly as his cock fucks my ass. He totally possesses me.

Sometimes he lets me jack off while he fucks me so that I cum when he cums. While he cums inside my body, I cum on my stomach and he likes to rub his body against mine so that my cum lubricates our bodies writhing together.

But mostly he likes to cum first working me over passionately and roughly. Then, breathless he pulls out and lies at my side. He carefully removes the condom which is filled with his cum, takes the wide open end and places it on my lips and squeezes his cum from the condom onto my tongue and into my mouth while he jacks me off. He likes to jack me off roughly. Sometimes he will break rhythm and slap and hit my cock roughly before grabbing it hard and very roughly pump me. The slight pain turns me on. How I adore the taste of his fresh hot cum particularly since I know it has cum inside my body. This all makes me feel very feminine and very satisfied.

Occasionally, Martin feels he can cum a second time and he will not feed me his cum from the condom but instead he will spread his cum over my cock and balls before roughly jacking me off. Then will we spend another hour kissing and touching. I love to lick his armpits and suck his nipples and sometimes I even lick his feet and suck his toes out of gratitude to him. But I never suck his cock and lick his ass hole even though I would like to because it turns him off to kiss me after I have done that.

I hope Martin, if you are reading this, back in the cold east somewhere you will keep your warm passionate friend in Los Angeles in mind the next time you are here.

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