All trussed up and nowhere to go  

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7/31/2005 2:12 am

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All trussed up and nowhere to go

Part IV

I know how this will end.
I can see it painted in my mind, flawless, sweaty.
I am the Mozart of bondage.
Let us begin.

There you are. Lying across my poster bed on your belly. Hands behind your back tied to your beautiful, demure ankles. The leather cuffs are sheepskin lined - no chafing, not yet. And connected up. up. up. To the large iron ring. The antiques dealer said it was a late 19th century jailers key ring - I imagine how happy the original owner would be to know that his rings role in restraining others persists. Above the ring, a long rusty chain hanging from the ceiling.

I remember the happy day I installed that ring. Deep deep into a ceiling cross member. Weight tested. No inadvertent accidents around here.

Your breathing is a little shakey now. Delicious music: rustling of the chain. In the flickering candle light, I see your thigh and ass muscles quiver from time to time. You try to hold your head up, but it falls forward as you struggle to rest tired muscles. Your shoulders are starting to ache. For the next many tomorrows, it will hurt to raise your arms above your waist. And, at inconvenient times, in meetings, you will soak your panties at the memories from the pain. Excuse yourself awkwardly to get to the bathroom. Masturbate vigorously to the memories of what is, at the moment, yet to come. But the pain will remain. That is tomorrow.

This is now.

Mostly, it's the blindfold that has you worried. What will happen next?

I love this picture. You are bound. Help less. Desireous. Anxious. Lusty. Ready. Scared. I have the power. And you want me to use it.

Little beads of sweat on your upper lip frame the first little "o", your body arced into the 2nd "O", hooked to the O of the benevolent jailers key ring. I have a fondness for things that come in 3's. And it is time for you to start.

Really, I could almost stop here. Perfection.

I know how this will end...

rm_beaujelais 59F

7/31/2005 6:08 am

... sexellent ...

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