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rm_exoticshugah 34F
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8/22/2006 10:06 pm

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Ingredient Listings

Wouldn't it be great if people came with ingredient listings? Imagine all of your good AND bad habits, likes, dislikes, pleasures, fetishes, prejudices, and desires displayed for all to see. Kinda scary at first thought but upon further consideration, very liberating! No need for lies, fake bravado, shame and wasting time on individuals too busy judging others to be honest about themselves. The snobby, the close minded, the judgmental, and the just plain bitchy wouldn't have a leg to stand on because quite simply: No one is perfect or the same as anyone else. That's what makes life beautiful and interesting to me. Our imperfections are humanizing and our reactions to them define/strengthen our character. Alas, we live in times camouflage and costumes. Make a promise to yourself to be open and honest about yourself to yourself and others. You owe it to yourself. Plus, it'll bring me one step closer to my ideal world


8/22/2006 10:32 pm

yes, we can't take our friends and loved ones for granted; everyone is different but it's important to care about others ... especially to show how we care about someone who has returned from a work-related trip and days have gone by since we saw them ...

Your plane arrived early, and I greeted you when you arrived. You smiled and ran to me.

I hugged you and kissed you, and picked up your bags and we walked to my car. We chatted about the business seminar you had returned from, and I was surprised at how quickly the time had gone by during the drive home.

I put your bags down, and held your hand as we headed to the bedroom, where I lit some scented candles and put on your favorite music. I kissed you deeply, my fingers stroking your shoulder. “I missed you”, I whispered into your ear.

As I was kissing your soft neck, you felt my hard manhood thru my jeans, and my right hand felt the roundness of your bottom. We French-kissed, and you removed your top and bra. My hand moved to your breast as we sat down on the cushiony bed. My hand massaged your perfect breast as you unzipped my jeans.

You moved to be in front of me, and removed my jeans as you knelt, and you grasped my long cock in your hand and began to stroke it, as your tongue licked the head of my swollen cock. You licked it in a circling motion, then you cupped your lips and took me into your mouth. As you sucked on my cock, in an up and down motion, you continued to stroke the base-portion of my shaft. The feeling was incredible, but after awhile I wanted to return the pleasure so I said “It’s your turn, honey”.

We removed the rest of our clothes, including my slowly pulling down your panties as you lay on your back on the bed.

I kissed the insides of your legs as I slowly moved my way up from your ankles, finally arriving at your mid-section, where I softly kissed the lips of your pussy, then I dipped my tongue into your wet honey-pot, which caused you to moan. The focus of my tongue moved to your love-button, my tongue alternating between a circling stroke and the spelling of your name on your clit. You hands held my head and your body rocked to meet my mouth and tongue that was satisfying you, bringing you to one orgasm after another. The steady rhythm of my tongue resulted in an intense orgasm that caused your body to shake and you to cry my name over and over, then your body relaxed and we lay next to each other.

After a few minutes, you were ready to continue your time of pleasure, and you moved to be on top of me. Straddling me, you reached down and guided my big, hard cock and inserted it into your dripping-wet pussy. Your head rolled back and your eyes closed when I entered you.

Then you rode, me fucking me cowgirl-style. As you rocked on my dick that filled your pussy, my hands held your breasts and I thumbed your nipples adding to your pleasure. You reached back and fingered my balls, then you leaned forward to a sitting position with your hands on my chest to help you bounce up and down, and rock back and forth, on my enormous cock that was pounding your pussy. You fucked me hard. You fucked me fast. You fucked me for what you thought was a perfect eternity. You experienced many, many orgasms.

As you were experiencing your most orgasmic ecstasy, I felt my throbbing dick begin to release my love-lotion, and I filled your pussy with steady streams of hot white cum, which dripped out of your pussy.

Satisfied, you collapsed onto me. I held you tight as I kissed you, then you lay next to me, as my fingers caressed your body in a manner you describe as softly ice-skating.

Relaxed from your long trip, you were smiling as you fell asleep in my arms, and I kissed you good-night, knowing that the morning would be an even more time of joy for you ….

itsall4you20053 56M/47F

8/26/2006 6:32 pm

You are absolutely right people in general seem to exercise a certain amount of freedom when determining the character of someone else.
Maybe it is what they know of themselves, their own shortcomings and inadequacies that forces them to see someone as less of an individual than they are.
Perhaps this is the only way they can feel good about themselves. This might also allow them the sense of superiority where none truly exists.
It is nothing more than vanity and ignorance for one to place labels on someone that they never knew in the first place.
I for one have never been afraid of any label that has been attached to my character. What I find disturbing is the inability of anyone to step forward with enough conviction in their beliefs
to engage in a rational debate.

rm_exoticshugah 34F
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9/2/2006 4:19 pm

That was sooo hot. That makes me wanna take a trip just to get the welcome home!! 4UKCMOMAN, U my dear man delight me!!

gotrythym 60M/50F

9/23/2006 11:27 am

Well as you go on with life you meet people and you think there are your freinds!!! But when IT comes down to it they only want you for what you have,Or for what they wish they had.I was never raised racest!!! but some AdultFriendFinder whitetrash!! have made me very-very -judgemental Bruce !!

rm_shoutywhite 35M
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10/26/2006 10:07 pm

i like the pic of you as well as your screen name. i have no labels to place on you for them, but only wish that i knew more about you...

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