Perfect birthday present  

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9/23/2005 8:03 am

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Perfect birthday present

I woke up on my birthday feeling great. I have always been happy to celebrate my birthday. A friend at work had said that he had a surprise for me for my birthday, but would not give me any indication of what it could be.

My birthday was on a Saturday so I thought I would have a relaxing day. I went to answer and it was Andrew, my co-worker. "Happy Birthday", He said with a happy voice and a picnic basket in his hand.

He told me to sit down and begin enjoying my birthday. He went in the kitchen, I thought he was getting food from the basket he had brought in.

Soon he returned and said, "Shower time!" He handed me some bath gel and led me to the bathroom. "Go on, enjoy." The smell of the gel was wonderful and it made my skin feel wonderful. As I got out of the shower, I noticed Andrew had taken my robe and nightgown, leaving just a towel. "Andrew, where are my clothes?" There was no response. I decided to walk out to see what was going on. As I entered my bedroom, Andrew was lying on the bed, wearing only a towel.

He started sing the birthday song, then I heard several other voices joining him. They walked into my bedroom dressed as Andrew and I were. I was shocked.

Some of the men were those I had convided in Andrew that I wouldn't mind fucking. There were also some women. There must have been 10 people in my small bedroom.

Andrerw stood and said, "This is your birthday orgy."

That was the best birthday present ever.

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