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8/26/2006 9:38 pm

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Meeting NeWayUwana_SShhh

I wrote a testimonial about her recently but I though "that doesn't do her justice at all" so I thought about a full story. To protect her privacy, I will use her nickname and not her real name.

I was at home just waking up from a short sleep when the phone rang! I grumbled as answered it but I quickly realized it was NeWay! My whole mood quickly changed and I felt a surge of "wakeness" rush though me! She wanted to meet up at her place for a few hours. I told her I can be there within an hour and then follow her to her place.

About 45 mintues later (no I didn't speed but I took it as far as I could without going over the speed limit), I was at the agreed upon spot which was a local McDonalds (which are everywhere). About 5 minutes after I get there, she arrives, gets out and talks to me. I took a look at her and my cock instantly got hard. She was around 5'2" tall. A little short for my tastes but then I scanned her body and the height issue became a non-factor as she had everything else that I liked in a woman. Nice breasts and thick framed (hey, I am black and most of us like 'em thick)! I knew I was in for a good time but I didn't realize HOW GOOD!

After flying to keep up with her (she's got a lead foot/LOL ), we get to her place. We exchange some small talk but quickly went to her bedroom. I took off my shoes at the door and was beginning to take off my shirt when I felt something warm around my waist. I look down and its her hands removing my shirt. Not wanting to spoil the moment, I let her remove my shirt and then she begins to remove my shorts!

"Oh my! She must want it bad!" I thought as she pulled down my shorts and began giving me the best blowjob that I've had in a long while! She then ordered me to sit on the edge of the bed and lay down as she continued to give me head. Then, in something else I didn't expect, she began to alternate between my cock and nuts.......and the hidden G-spot that all men have but women rarely go after! She took my breath away as I have never experienced this before ever.

"Oh shit! This woman's no slouch. She's a real pro!" I thought. I was also thinking I was going to have to REALLLLY raise my game up for her! Any woman that will do all this within the first 10 minutes of sex deserves your best!

After about 15 minutes of head which felt like an hour (which felt good by the way), I insisted on giving her some oral of my own. I only got to eat her for about 5 minutes though before she closed her legs! At first, I was worried I had done something wrong but she shot me a smile that eased my fears. Then, another surprise happened.

"Fuck me," she whispered.

"Now?" I asked back and she nodded. I quickly grabbed a condom (hey, pays to be safe, especially the first time out) and put it on. I came back and inserted my swollen manhood into her warm, tight and comforting pussy! Her body just felt so good that it was both love making and fucking all at once. I could've did her all night and the way we both got lost in each other..........words don't do it justice. Its something you have to experience. We went at it for at least 2 hours almost non-stop. We would break to rest and I would often hold her and talk to her while we rested. Hey, even if its just a fuck, you should make your partner feel wanted and welcomed.

As I left (I really didn't want to leave but duty called the next day), we shared one final kiss before parting. NeWay is the best partner that wasn't my girlfriend that I've ever had. She just had the total package. I've been with women that had the body but no skills. I've been with some that knew how to screw good but no oral. And I've been with women that knew how to give a good BJ but basically lies down and takes it. NeWay HAS IT ALL! I can't give her enough compliments and she seemed to enjoy me too. She inspired me to raise my sexual game to a level that......well, as I write this, I am still wore out from our encounter! LOL! But really, I raised my game to a level that I've scratched before but never really sustained for the long period that I did with her! Though I was thouroughly exhausted after we got finished, I would do it again.

Well, that's my "random thought" for today! See ya!

NeWayUwana_SShhh 43F

8/27/2006 9:39 pm

WOW! Thanks ~~ Your game certainly did not lack skills, hot 69action had me begging you to "FUCK ME NOW!". I hope we wear each other out again soon and I can show you more of my talents.

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