Busy days and slow nights  

rm_eroticmass4u 57M
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11/30/2005 8:34 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Busy days and slow nights

The last few days have seen me busy with doing massage treatments for some of by best clients; even though I was taking time off from my work, I couldn't refuse these people with serious back and lower lumbar problems who benefit greatly from the service I provide them. They are all nice people, so I don't really mind.

My evenings have been boring, with no contacts from this site and no phone calls. All my married friends have kids and seem to be always busy. Every once in a while I look after someone's kids for an evening, but not this week. Didn't feel like going down to the pool hall and shooting some racks.

It's raining again here in Victoria, so I'm going to watch one of my rented movies and have some hot chocolate...would rather be having some hot sex...!

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