Next Stop? Part II  

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4/29/2005 2:18 pm

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Next Stop? Part II

I slid my hand off her ass but only to move it back into the small of her back where I could tell that her muscles were slightly tensed. My heart was beating fast and I quickly realized that I wasn't breathing. I let out breath and as I inhaled I became sexually intoxicated by her perfumed scent.

"Thank you for the handkerchief." she said. She tossed her head gently to move her hair off of her shoulders which gave me a clear view of her cleavage. A few drops of water that had shaken loose from her hair quickly beaded together and then raced down her skin and in between her breasts before it disappeared behind lace. She patted her neck dry and reaching up placed the handkerchief back into my pocket. She let one finger slide down my chest until it came to rest on the top button of my jacket.

By this time the train was moving rather fast and the rhythmic rocking that usually lulls passengers to sleep was raising my libido as our bodies gently bumped up against one another. "I don't believe I've ever fallen for anyone quite so quickly." she said, her voice now barely above a whisper. The cliche was completely lost on me as all I could focus on were her eyes.

She gripped the front of my suit as her other hand moved up my arm to my shoulder. We had come so far so fast that I almost hesitated until she slightly arched her head back. I lowered my head and as I moved in to kiss her, I took a deep breath of her perfume. With all my senses now firing away my hands moved almost instinctually.

Forgetting about the train I took my other hand from the pole and moved it inside of her jacket and under her top. I slid my hand up until I felt the lace of her bra. We kissed deep and intense. When we momentarily broke for a gasp of air she gently bit at my lower lip. She clung to my neck with her left hand as her right quickly undid the buttons on my jacket.

My cock quickly grew down into my pant leg as I moved my hand up onto her breast. I gave it firm squeeze and I could feel her hard nipple in between my fingers. I slid the fingers of my right hand into the back of her skirt until I again felt the horizontal thong strap. I moved my hand towards the center until I found the vertical strap and followed it down until my middle finger was resting right at the top of her ass cheeks.

We broke our kiss again and as she tugged at my lip with her teeth, she let out a quiet moan. Having undone all the buttons on my jacket, she moved to my belt and then to the button of my trousers. I freed my lip from her gentle bite and kissed my way back her neck and then up to her ear where I traced its outline with my tongue.

Before I knew it my trousers were undone and her hand was nudging down to my crotch. My cock was stiff and hot and as her cool fingers slid down its shaft and established a firm grip, I nearly came on the spot.

More to follow...

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