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4/28/2005 11:25 pm

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Next Stop?

It was one of the last trains to run that night and I was glad that I had caught it, rather than waiting out in the rain for a cab that probably wouldn't arrive until I was soaking wet.

I took my glasses off and untucked my shirt so I could wipe the raindrops off that had managed to land on me before I ducked into the station. I dried the lenses, placed my spectacles back on my face and as I was looking up she hurried onto the train just as the doors closed. "Just in time." I said, deciding that I would break the ice early since we were the only two on the express train and twenty minutes of silence would have been more uncomfortable. "Yes, I guess I am."

She was stunningly beautiful with her wavy dark hair that hung down over her shoulders. Her tight minisuit and low-cut lacy top hugged her voluptuous curves perfectly. My eyes followed her smooth, sheer stocking covered legs down to her strappy stiletto sandals. I stood up and pulling the ivory handkerchief from my suit jacket, I offered it to her. "Thank you, that's very sweet. The weather is just..." Suddenly the train lurched forward. I grabbed the pole to keep from falling backwards. In her wet heels, she lost her balance, let out an abbreviated gasp, and faltered towards me. I raised my other arm up and wrapped it around her waist.

As she came to rest in my arm, my hand slid off her skirt and just underneath the bottom edge of her top. Her skin was soft and supple. I pulled her up closer to me so that she could reach the pole. As she turned to reach for the pole and regain her balance, my hand slide down across the small of her back and I could feel the outline of a thong strap.

Her hand slide down the pole until it rested on mine.” Are you okay?" I asked, almost hoping that she would collapse into my arms. "Yes, thanks to you." she said as she righted her stance. "That's quite a grip you have." she said rather matter-of-factly. Realizing my hand was mostly on her ass, I stammered to get out a polite apology. "Oh, uhh, I'm very sorry!" "Oh, don't be sorry" she replied, "I like a strong grip, and it seems as if you've caught me at just the right time." I realized then that this was going to be an interesting ride.

More to follow....

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