everyone hates dick pics, so why do people still post & mail them all the time?  

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2/28/2006 1:17 am

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everyone hates dick pics, so why do people still post & mail them all the time?

It's a mystery... Everyone complains about them, and yet people still flood the site and email with them. Ok, if your cock is say, 18 inches long, that *might* be worth a picture of. If you can prove the picture isn't photoshopped.

If you stuck your cock into an electric pencil sharpener, some of us would like to see how it's healed up. If you can tie a proper bowline with your prick, or wrap it around a cleat on the dock from your boat, there's some redeaming value to a photo of that. If your use it to hold a bowling ball and roll a stike, we might like to see if it's got a thumb attached to it, or if you're filling the other two holes with your balls.

Almost 88% of all men fall between 5-7 inches when erect. So either there's a lot of guys here who are in the top 5%, or someone needs to learn how to read a ruler.

So why don't women brag about the size of their pussy? The average vagina is 3 inches along the posterior wall with a diameter of 0.8 inches, though in stimulated phase it balloons to 3.75-4.1 in long by 2.3-2.5 inches in diameter.

(all stats from http://AdultFriendFinder.com)

If the average pussy is 3-4 inches, seems like your average 7" cock ought to be filling it up quite nicely and then some! Oh, sure, I have friends who are size freaks, and happily show you the 18 inch long, 5 inch diameter dildo that they can stuff into one or more body cavities. (And how come you never *have* to go to the dentist to get a body cavity filled?)

But these size queens are also happy getting shagged senseless by someone who has 5" and lasts for 10 minutes of pretty intense hammering.

Same thing goes for the time record. Average length of time for intercourse: 3 minutes. How depressing. Here's one for you folks who insist that they'll only fuck someone who "can go all night long"... When's the last time you drove a Jeep down miles of washboarded dirt road at 70MPH for 6-8 hours without stopping to piss? (or piss blood, depending on the initial state of your kidneys...) C'mon, can you really fuck non-stop for eight hours?

I figure that anyone who has to make a big deal of the size of their cock, or tells you how they're going to do you for four hours from insertion to blistering due to lack of lube is either: bad at math and timekeeping, lying, stupid, a politician, or all of the above.

Sweet screaming Cthulhu, get over yourself. If the size of your cock, pussy, brain, or other body part is the best thing you have to say about sex and what you like to do with your playmates, you're a real waste of time, air, and DNA.

Me? My dick is a full 60 nanometers long, and about 40 nanometers thick. It nearly doubles in size when erect. The other day I lasted so long I was able to pull my zipper completely down before I shot my load so hard the recoil knocked me on my ass and I shot so far my cum hit the floor! You should have seen the looks everyone else on the bus gave me! Yes sir, no one on the L route will ever doubt that I'm the alpha stud, and the envy of every mosquito from here to Granby.

So remember, it is easier to pass my dick through the eye of a needle than it is to find someone who'd like to play with it.

Which explains all the response I get to my profile and emails...

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