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5/20/2005 2:33 pm

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My first time

I wrote this for another member who enjoys stories (thanks, Princess, for inspiring me).

One of my favorite stories is how I lost my virginity.

I was 14 and in lust all the time. My lovely blond girlfriend, Shelley, and I had been trying to have sex for weeks. We spent lots of time in the empty doctor's office that made up the basement of her parent's old stone house.

I don't know if it was her nervousness, our mutual lack of experience, or her actual physical virginity that stood in our way. Perhaps all three. What I do know is that I had more sticky clothes during that period then ever, before or since! (Well, maybe not before... I learned to get myself off pretty young & pretty often.)

Of course, it didn't help that we were young and had no comfort with enjoying each other orally, though we were pretty good at touch. I brought Shelley to orgasm with my hands many times.

We spent a lot of time with two friends who had begun seeing each other, Janet and Bruce. But Janet & Bruce weren't sexually active yet(with each other, as I was to find out later).

One evening when we had all been together, I offered to walk Janet home, after Bruce had to leave for his more distant neighborhood. You have to remember we were still too young to drive, so big city mass transit was our saviour. We all said goodnight and Janet and I left Shelley's parent's home.

She lived just a few blocks away and it was a beautiful warm sring night. The neighborhood was full of old trees many of them big enough to make the streets into 'garden tunnels,' newly blooming flowers. It was late, it smelled good, and we had a beautiful walk ahead of us.

We began to talk about our boy/girl friends and how we felt about them. Janet and I had gone to school together since 4th grade, so we knew and trusted each other. I'm afraid our honesty with each other was a little hard on our partners.

By the time we reached Janet's home, I think she had already decided what was going to happen. I was living proof that boys mature more slowly than girls! I was very attracted to her for lots of reasons: our existing level of comfort, her youthful body, and expecially her obvious interest in sex and ease in talking about it. But I had no idea how to initiate.

Janet's house had a huge yard for a city neighborhood. It went all the way through the block, fornting on street both in front and in back. Like most fo the area, the trees were large, the grass was well kept and we were surrounded by beauty.

We sat in the yard and talked awhile longer. I said I should probably go and was turning to leave when she responded to my good night with a kiss - and not a peck on th cheek. It was a kiss that said hello, not goodbye! A kiss full of promise, of warmth, soft skin, tongue and teeth exploring my lips and mouth.

Being 14, I was erect before that kiss ended. I responded by pulling Janet close. I felt her nipples hard under her blouse and began to caress her, trying to go slow. I was still unsure what, why or how this was happening. She responded in kind, reaching out to hold my hard cock, squeezing and caressing it through my jeans. The only words spoken were "I want you" and I want you, too" and, later, perhaps a few gasps of Oh God, Oh Yes.

We stopped briefly to move to a darker part of the yard. As we sat down again, Janet took off her top. That alone made me breathless. And freed me to reciprocate. We stripped like kids getting ready to swim in a quarry on a hot day, maybe faster. We lay down beside each other and the next hour was a revelation to me.

Janet knew how to make love! She was experienced and forthright. We kissed, we touched, we licked, we sucked, and of course we fucked. When she wanted me to touch her harder, softer or differently, she told me or showed me what she desired. And she expected the same of me.

I don't know how many times we came to orgasm that night. I know I learned how to draw it out, keeping Janet (and myself) right on that delicious edge. I know that I learned to give and receive oral sex that night.

I know that for the first time I had the feeling of losing touch with where one body ended and the other began. There was no such thing as giving or taking, being sexually selfish or unselfish. We were one creature, pleasuring ourself as we saw fit.

Janet and I were exhausted and giggly by two or three a.m. We talked for awhile and then we both went on our way. She inside to bed, me to walk home with my ears ringing, my cock sore and feeling like I had just been magically blessed.

We never talked to our respective partners about that night. We never felt any guilt about it either. Those relationships didn't last, like most teen romance. But Janet and I remained what we now call fuck buddies for almostten years, through college, various romances and breakups. Sometimes we talked about those other dramas in our lives, sometimes we just pleasured each other.

I can never repay the gift Janet gave me. She made me a good and unafraid lover. Dear Janet, thank you , wherever you are now!

Marmalaidy 59F

7/10/2005 10:29 pm

fantastic and magical; good for you, you were properly laid the first time and remembered it well; that's encouraging for me to think that some men actually know the absolute depth of experience that sex can be...every time.

rm_ericez 63M

1/30/2006 9:52 pm

WHy thank you! I just read this, many months later and I'm moved that my memories were appreciated.

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