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8/29/2005 4:07 pm

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Wow have I had some great luck with this site! I have to tell you that I never thought I would have such fun while I wait around to find that perfect soul mate.
I had made contact with this middle aged couple. They were looking for some new prospects to liven up their sex life. I guess I must have said something just right. Well here is what had happened to the best of my memory.
I met this couple at a local coffee shop as I always do for safety reasons. They were a cute pair and had potential for sure (not like I am some sexy stud or anything). We sat and chatted over some coffee and found that this was a very good possibility. So we talked more about our lives and the such to get to know one another. This is a good sign as far as I am concerned. This allows for the nervousness to be dealt with and a comfort placed between all who are concerned. We talked for a good hour or two and then decided to meet up later that evening at their home.
As the hours went by and the evening came about, I ventured to their home. As I knocked on the door the wife answered. She stood in the doorway wearing a beautiful robe lightly tied. Her hair was long and flowing down over her shoulders. She wasn’t wearing anything on her feet and asked me to remove my shoes as well. Very happy to accommodate her I did so. As I stood back up from untying my shoes I could see that she was wearing a body stocking under her robe. My mind started to flood with thoughts of just what she looked like under that fluffy robe. As I stood straight she motioned for me to enter the living room.
As I entered the living room I saw her husband sitting in an easy chair. He was also dressed within a robe and all comfortable. He offered me a drink and motioned for me to sit and be comfortable. As we sat there chatting his wife picked out some music to fill the room. As she pushed the CD closed her robe dropped to the floor and I saw every inch of woman she was. My cock grew hard in a matter of seconds. I could not believe just how sexy she was. She did a soft dance across the floor towards me. I was so hard and there was no way of hiding it from either of them. She started to do a lap dance as she shifted my shorts so that my cock would show out of the leg. I closed my eyes and could feel the moistness of her vagina against my cock. My mouth watered as I could smell her sweet scents. She started licking my neck and nibbling on my ear. I couldn’t handle much more of this. I was about two seconds from throwing her to the floor and easting her pussy.
As I was getting ready to head to her pussy she grabbed my hand and dragged me into the bedroom. I had no clue where the husband was and at that point did not care. As we got to the bed she threw me down onto it. I lay back as she slowly removed my shorts to expose my cock. She gazed at me and smiled. She asked me if I wanted her pussy. I told her to put it on my face and let me eat her dry. She moaned as she positioned above my mouth. As I wrapped my arms around her legs I drove my tongue deep between her lips. I knew she loved this as soon as I did this. Her back arched and she sat straight down. I was sure to make her cum any second. She wiggled and shivered as my face was showered with her love juices!
As she relaxed and lay over my body I resumed to lick her lips more and use my tongue rings. She begins to stroke my hard cock. I could feel my cock deep within her mouth and was so into this 69. She came about five more times in a matter of minutes.
I was covered. I still was not sure where her husband was. I at that point didn’t really care as long as she was going to swallow every drop I was about to shoot out of my raging hard on. As I moaned and shot the first squirt of my load I heard him moan and she came once again. I wasn’t sure what was going on but was enjoying this was too much. As I finished shooting my load she laid beside me on the bed. I looked down at the end of the bed and he was licking his lips. I asked if that was him sucking my cock. He said yes and I had to say that was awesome.
She removed the body stocking and told us both to get ready. I was not sure exactly what she wanted but was ready for anything. He lay on the bed cock up and she got on top of him. She then said for me to pack the back. Double penetration! What a beautiful thing. They got all situated and I cam up the rear. She screamed and moaned so loud and I could feel her insides pulse as she cam all over his cock. He began to pound his cock deep within her and so did I. I was not sure but I think she had never had it in both holes at the same time. She was screaming, digging, scratching, and cumin so much that I had all I could do to hold my load. I knew he was about ready to blow and he surely did. I could feel his cock pulsing as he shot his load deep within her vagina. She screamed for me to cum and so I drove my cock deep into her ass as fast as she could handle it. As I was about to cum she tightened her ass and I blew my load. I could have sworn her eyes popped out. She screamed so loud and threw herself forward. I thought for sure she had died.
After this we all took a drink break and also hit the bathroom. I have to say it wasn’t long and I was hard again! She noticed and motioned toward her husband. He looked over and walked toward me. They both walked to the bedroom and motioned for me to enter. I walked in and they patted the bed for me to lie down. As I lay on the bed they both began to run their hands over me. They both began to nibble and suck on spots that were very sensitive. They did not allow me to react at all. She sucked my cock for a few moments and he joined her. She climbed on top of my cock and rode for a bit as he played with my balls. I was in heaven. She climbed off and he began to climb on. I was in awe. He mounted me and sat on my cock. I could feel it deep within him and she lay beside me playing with her tits. I motioned for her to bring those sexy things to me. I sucked on her nipples and fingered her clit as her husband was riding my cock.
He got up and got to the end of the bed. She got on top of me again but this time put her tits in my face and began to bring her cunt right up to my face. As I was eating her pussy I could feel her husband fingering my ass. I was way too horny by this time to even care what was going on. I could feel him pushing his cock into my ass. I could feel my cock getting harder by the second. As he pushed his cock deep into my ass I drove my tongue deeper into her cunt. I moaned as she moaned. As he fucked my ass the rhythm drove my tongue into her. We stayed in that position for a while and he pulled his cock out and started to say something. As she moved He was smiling. I knew it wasn’t over and was very glad. She lay on her back and climbed onto her and sunk his cock into her cunt. She motioned for me to sink my cock into his ass. I wasn’t about to second guess this at all and climbed on. As I pushed my cock slowly into his ass he thrusted back and my cock drove deep into him.
As we found our rhythm and we began to fuck the shit out of each other, the moaning got loud and the moment felt like a dream. She screamed she was going to cum and so did he. I was not close and told them to hang on as long as they could. She cam and so did he. As they lay there in a heap of sweaty flesh I wiped my cock clean and began to stroke it. She wasn’t going to allow that at all. She motioned for me to climb on. I grabbed her legs and dragged her ass just a bit off the bed and began to drive my cock deep within her. Between the slapping of skin and her screaming, I was sure to find a position she had never been in. I drove my cock deep and extremely hard. She was bouncing so hard her small tits were actually hitting her cheeks. She cam about 6 more times and screamed that she was going to pass out, but not to stop. I was going to give this woman an orgasm she would never forget! As I kept pounding the meat to her she screamed and pulled at her nipple. Her husband lay there stroking his cock just staring at us. I couldn’t handle it much longer and decided it was time to really fuck the chit out of her. She thought I was driving before. Not even close! I drove it so hard you couldn’t hear her scream over the skin slapping together. I shot such a load and she cam at the same time. I t was unlike I had ever experienced before. As we both cam it shot out passed both of us and splattered on the floor behind me. She passed out and I just fell to the floor.
Sex was had for sure that day. Sex that I don’t think could be reproduced in such multitudes again. If you wanna’ try this sometime write me. They loved it and so could you!

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Great stories! Would love to have had those experiences. Especially with the couple.

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