My First Encounter (part 1).  

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8/6/2005 9:16 pm

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My First Encounter (part 1).

Hmmm let me really think for a moment. It was about 12 years ago when I worked with this guy and he was amazingly sexy. I had always had sexual fantasies about the same sex even though I had always stayed with women. This man however could see through me and had many comments to make. I asked him very many questions about what it was like to be gay. He answered with a kindness that I didn't understand until one night many months later.
I was drinking and had invited some friends over to drink with my girlfriend and I. It soon became just the three of us and the discussion of gay/straight/bisexual lifestyles came up. She was really intrigued with the idea of two men having sex together and her just being a small part of that. I in no way was going to have any part of that. I had not had enough to drink to allow me to do this.
Well a couple weeks later I had found out my girlfriend was cheating on me. The guy I worked with new I was really upset and was gonna get totally smashed after she moved her stuff out. He ended up stopping by that night with a case of liquid beverages. He saw I was well on my way to obliteration and offered to hang out. I figured what the heck.Three hours into the drinking and talking and shouting over the loud music, it was time to settle down. He obviously couldn't drive home so I offered my couch to him.
He grabbed a shower as I made up the couch. I had jumped into the shower and out quickly and was about to head to bed when I noticed his blanket was really having issues. LOL. He was rock hard! That thing was nice. I slowly walked past him and could not get my eyes off his cock. He noticed for sure. As I reached my bed and started to get comfy he came in and sat on the edge of the bed. He asked if I was alright and if I needed a hug. I saw nothing wrong with that and said yes. After a few minutes of hugging I saw his cock growing again. As I watched this mine was beginning to grow as well.
He reached down with his hand and softly took my cock out from under the blanket and rub it. He caressed my balls so gently and the next thing I knew he was sucking my shaft. It felt so good. I had never felt a blow job so great. He rimmed my ass and began to push his finger into my anus. I was sop hard and so ready to cum. Ass soon as he got his finger all the way into my ass I blew a load so great that I thought he was going to choke. My God I had never cum so much in my life. It was so intense. Soon after he was done I had to try this giving head thing. I knew how I liked it so who better then a guy to do it. I wrapped my hands around his goliath piece of manhood and then slid it into my mouth. I loved the taste of it. To feel it sliding in and out of my lips was so great. I could feel it pulsing between my lips. The sweet taste of precum was all through my mouth and was making me all hard again. I licked my tongue up and down his shaft as if it were a popsicle and sucked on his balls. I wanted to fuck his ass so much! I slid my finger into his ass and he arched. I felt his cock getting harder as the seconds went by. He was almost ready to blow. Now here came the challenge. As he blew his load into my mouth I had started to choke and he pulled it out and sprayed it on my belly. He knew I was inexperienced with that part and took god care of me.
There is more to this but it is late and I will finish it later. I promise!

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8/15/2005 12:16 pm


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