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5/9/2006 6:31 pm

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Custom Scenario

At the prompting of another member I wrote the following scenario. She provided the opening and I finished it:

You are lying in the backyard tanning wearing a too skimpy bikini when for some reason I, a complete stranger, come to your house…

I’ve never actually been to Rising Sun before. But, a buddy of mine has moved down here recently, and he really wants me to see his new house and meet his wife. I have the weekend off, so I figured why not. I’m always up for a little adventure.

So, having never been there, I admit I might have been lost. I check the address again for the millionth time and am pretty sure this is the house. So, I park the car and walk up the door. I knock a few times, and nobody answers. Well, I have a description of the house, and this matches it right up to the fenced backyard. So, I walk around to the backyard. The gates unlocked, so I let myself in. You are lying there sunning yourself. My first thought is “Wow, he did marry well.” About that time you look up and are very startled!

Now, here is where that weird thing that always happens to me goes on again. I am always surrounded by the oddest coincidences. As you look up in horror, I call out your name. I apologize for barging in, but I tell you I have stopped by to see your husband. I explain we are old buddies, and I even use his first name. You are more than a little mad he didn’t mention someone was stopping by.

You stand up to wrap a towel around yourself, and we shake hands. I finally get a really good look at you in that bikini. I introduce myself and tell you how happy I am to finally meet you. Again, all this seems normal as we have never met, but I seem to know both of you already. I am really glad that you turn to invite me into the house so you can’t see the evidence of my growing erection.

You let me know your husband won’t be home for a few hours. You have me sit down at the kitchen table and offer me a drink. You have one yourself and we sit and talk. You try the whole “how do you know my husband thing” and I begin to talk about our history. It seems familiar to you so you never think twice. However, I am more interested in talking with you, about you, than telling the old stories. I even compliment you again that you are much prettier than I even imagined from the stories I have heard.

A couple of hours go by, and we are both at that stage where we have had just a little too much to drink. We have been talking for a few hours and you have decided you really like me. I have a little bit of a weird sense of humor, but I still keep you laughing. And, I make no secret of how hot I think you are. It’s not that I come out and say, but a woman still knows these things. You are just surprised that you are still wearing only the bikini and a towel over it. It has never occurred to you to put anything else one. A few times you have thought about actually loosing the towel, but then you remind yourself that you are married, and you don’t even know this guy!

Later on, we both move past the fridge. It is one of those innocent moments when you try to walk past another person, and both move in the same direction. We bump into each other. We are both a little tipsy, so we are a little unsteady. You stumble a little, and I reach out my arm to steady you. At the same time your towel falls open and catches on the arm I have wrapped around your waste. We are standing essentially pelvis to pelvis. I look down and eye your bikini clad breast. It has gotten a little colder since loosing the towel, so your nipples have become erect. At least you tell yourself it is the cold.

I can smell you and the sun lotion you are wearing, and I LOVE the combination. I can feel myself growing rigid against you, my erection finally getting the better of me. I don’t care. I WANT you to feel me growing hard against you. I finally give in and lean down to kiss you. Our mouths meet and we can taste the drinks that we have had. You sigh and move closer still. I move my arms to drop the towel finally and reach around to grab your ass. I am really wishing I was wearing only a bathing suite now instead of my Khakis so I could feel even more of your body against mine. We kiss deeper.

Finally I have had enough. I lift you by the hips and hop you up on the counter. That way I have better access to all of you. You let me slide your bikini top aside and finally I taste your nipples. I can feel them erect and ready under my tongue. I alternate between your nipples and your mouth. I can’t decide witch I long more to kiss. Then I make a decision.

I move my hand down and tug softly at your bikini bottoms. I lick my lips and look at you with an inquisitive expression. You look me in the eyes and nod you assent. I slide your bikini bottom aside and move down to kiss you in the most intimate way. I spend several minutes just taking it all in. I really love to suck on your clit. You make the most delicious moaning sounds when I do and thrust your hips toward me, providing me with the best access.

I love to hear you climax under my tongue, but I decide I have had enough of this scene. I stand up and pick you up from the counter. I carry you to the couch. I lay you down and take off your bikini bottoms. I take a few more minutes really working you over. I alternate between sucking your clit and probing as deep as inside you with my tongue as I can.

Unbelievably enough I have stayed clothed throughout this entire encounter. Apparently I’m not the only one that this thought has occurred to. You reach down and unbuckle my belt and undue my Khakis. You reach inside my pants and grasp my throbbing erection. Once you have hold of me you glance up and smile and say “nice”. I groan slightly despite my best efforts. Your hands are so warm and soft. It feels so damn good!

You slide my pants down and slide my manhood between your lips. If I thought I was in trouble before I knew I was in more trouble now. Your mouth feels warm and soft and moist. It is such a wondrous feeling. I can feel my knees getting weaker with the pleasure you are providing. I eventually tap your shoulder and tell you to stop. You look up at me and I can see the smile in your eyes. You don’t stop!

I tell you again to stop, if you don’t I am going to cum I explain. I then tell you I don’t want to yet. You finally stop. I take the opportunity to remove your top so I can finally see all of you. You have made comments earlier that you’re not that hot. I disagree inside and am glad I am not in your mouth right now or I would completely loose it. I can’t believe how hot you are and that we are actually doing this!

You remove my shirt and have me lay on the couch. You move to go down on me again. I shake my head and gesture you closer. I grab your hips and move them over my face. I so want to be in your mouth when you moan from me making you cum. Once we start to 69 I don’t have to wait long. You cum again and take my member farther into your throat. It’s all I can stand. Finally I grab your hips and bury my face in your pussy as you make me cum.

We take a breather for a sec. We lie down together on the couch. We giggle a little at how much fun this day is turning into. As we kiss we both continue to get more excited. I am gently massaging you clit and labia while you grasp my manhood. As our passion builds you can feel me swelling and begin to throb. I am ready to be inside you, but I am waiting for the invitation to enter you. As you get close to orgasm once again you make the decision. You decide you are tired of the teasing and are waiting for the finale. You roll over and start to guide me towards you. I stop and tell you that I don’t have a condom. You explain it is OK, that you are on the pill. You then explain that you want to feel just me inside you.

With you guiding me I finally enter you. We both moan with the entry. I take my time as the fit is very tight. The friction is literally delicious. You moan and whisper in my ear telling me I am bigger than your husband. You tell me you haven’t had a cock this large in awhile and how well we fit together. As we join into the rhythm of each others body we are getting more and more in sync. As we thrust towards one another I go deeper and deeper. You moan in pleasure as you are finally taking all of me deep inside you. I have my feet against the legs of the couch and am using it to thrust deep inside you. As you get closer you moan in my ear that you are ready. You tell me to cum with you and I need no more encouragement. We both moan our pleasure as we climax together.

Later, we are both smiling and sitting around. You are on the couch and I am sitting in a chair in the room chatting with you. We have gotten dressed and are waiting around as your husband is due any minute. You start to explain that you have every other Saturday to yourself as your husband and kids have activities on those days. We are interrupted by your husband entering. He comes over and kisses you hello and then holds out his hand to me and says “Hi, my name’s Jim…”

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5/27/2006 7:01 am

Welcome to blogging, epson. write very well.

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