White Collar Jekyll & Hyde behaviour  

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4/28/2006 6:12 am

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White Collar Jekyll & Hyde behaviour

Ahhh- Friday nite! Is there any greater night of the week (if you are an office-hours kind of working person)?
It is the one night of the week where otherwise straightlaced and generally plaid-wearing, dull professional types, after imbibing some quantity of alcohol, lower their inhibitions and become horrible, ugly human beings.
I know.I have been one of these in the past. And probably, if I were to ever get Friday nights back as a social event, would not take much coaxing to return to that former state. (For those of you who are wondering why I don't get out and boogie-down on Fridays- there probably aren't many of you, if any, but hey, it's my Blog and I'll say what I like) it is because I have access to my children on Friday nights- yes, I am a separated parent). My ex however, does seem to fall into the abovementioned group of Friday-Nighter these days. Good luck to her. Ironically, she now seems to frequent the kind of venue that made her stomach turn when we were younger, happier(and childless). More to do with the girlfriend she buddies up with on a Friday night than a personal preference, I think. But that is none of my business.

Returning to the "Friday-Nighter", if you are not one, or even if you are, may be, or have been, I am sure you would be familiar with the behaviour of this sub-species.
They are the ones still in corporate attire, guys usually with their tie tied around their head, Jimmy Barnes/Rambo style,but shirt out & the ladies well, the girls can get away with choosing an dual-purpose outfit that can be used for both a corporate meeting and a drinkie. The sleaziest types, happily belting out the Top 40 or Classic Rock tunes along with the party band in whichever after-work crowd pandering venue they happened to stumble into, downing designer European beer after beer or premixed vodka and ??? or whichever "sex & the City" type cocktail is the flavour of the month, releasing all of the stress of the previous working week, knowing that the night will end puking in a gutter, toilet stall, back seat of a cab and picking up and then sleeping with someone they shouldn't or probably, more accurately, WOULDN'T normally pair off with in a blue fit. Something else to regret on Saturday morning/afternoon along with a killer hangover. Perhaps instead of drink as your Friday night Demon, you are more inclined to an amphetamine or cocaine-driven blur, often leading to similar results. Or are you one of those sick, violent c---s who prefers getting their kicks from punching on? Mixing with young Roid-rage gym/martial arts junkies or football hooligans who are after nothing else but blood and pain.If not themselves, but enjoying sending some other, often innocent party to spend the early hours of Saturday morning in the Emergency room of the nearest hospital.

There is a lot wrong with this Western lifestyle that we all aspire to, isn't there. Those who have the wherewithal to choose this as preferred entertainment. In Australia, it is almost a compulsory method of behaviour amongst those of legal drinking age and/or white collar employ.

It does change slightly, the further away from the CBD and Inner suburbs of the cities you go- similar but slightly different flavour to these seedy activities in the outer suburbs, regional centres and little country towns.

I may be opening a particularly ugly vein and speaking with absolute distaste about this rotten underbelly of the culture in which I have raised and nurtured, but unfortunately, I still enjoy thrusting myself into that horrid throng, on the rare occasions I can, so I'll let you, dear readers, work out for yourself what evil persona in my above descriptions, is my Mr Hyde.
I look forward to any observations, random guesses or illicit fantasies.

Till next time!

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