In answer to some of life's questions  

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3/27/2006 12:22 am

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In answer to some of life's questions

Out there in Blogland, we are all like so many New Year's Eves- making Resolutions that while we may have every intention of keeping, we rarely do.
Why is this? In my case, most of my Mini-Epiphanies are usually the result of a little too much booze and a sudden guilt laden glance at my now not-as-spectacular-body in the mirror (Actually, I fib here- I have never had a spectacular body, was always pretty skinny/bony as kid, even after doing weights and having a pretty physically demanding job for a few years but I have now rounded out a little- still got a nice bum though !)
Sorry, got off the track there a little bit. Where was I?> Oh yes that's right- why most of my best intentions tend to go into the "Can't be fucked" basket.
In the interests of perhaps giving some advice to anyone perhaps thinking that they have to put the following learnings on their urgent "To Do" lists, I have taken a selection from a fellow blogger and have added my comments:
moderation- If all things are to be taken in moderation, what happens if you take moderation in moderation?
patience- is overrated and well, I haven't got time to go into detail about it's merits here
chilling the fuck out- anger in short sharp bursts is very therapeutic
balancing different things in my life- well my life is balanced: the 6 tinnies on this side balance the 5 cakes and the 3 hot dogs on this side
switching on and switching off- is also overrated, although simple, hence 111000000111100010101010
how to fully relinquish control- why the hell would you ever want to do that?

how to ask for what I want in a polite manner- As long as you pick your moment, being stren and/or even rude is most empowering (as long a syou apologise afterwards if the poor sap you yelled at had nothing to do with the problem [insert Customer Service Reepresentative here]

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4/25/2006 7:21 pm

But I wish you would write more.

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