Past April First 99  

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10/26/2005 11:16 pm

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Past April First 99

I still think of a girl, actually,
i don't know whether this
girl-woman that i think
of, is a real person I
once thought i knew
or a composition of mine

these days have merged
to highlight certain
memories abd features
belonging to her and
erasing others

Yet, somehow
my heart threatens
to overflow --
which is ridiculous,
because i thought i'd cut
it out a long time agao
but i find that the pain
has resurfaced --
perhaps it has never gone
It is full again,
and I need to
drain these confusions

Perhaps in my constant
desire to run away, to
seek new horions,
lies the untold dream of
being found --
by a land, by someone

Like a movie said
to me:
in the day, he seeks
but in the night,
he wants to be

Mike once said:
"he wants to
find people, but he
doesn't want people to
find him."

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