A sign. Levchev  

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11/18/2005 10:08 am

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A sign. Levchev

"Precisely under the sign
'Stopping prohibited'
we stopped.
Then you told me,
'It's my favourite spot.'

A bridge
made of rails and planks.
O you rusty rainbow!
And that sign declaring
'Stopping prohibited!'

Below the bridge no river runs.
Railway ties instead.
Signals flap their wings.
And midnight shuntings roar.

And as the engines sped under our feet
and clouds of steam enveloped us,
wholly invisible, wholly unique,
we kissed.

Millions of freight-cars
must ow be shipping our kisses
to every corner of the earth.
When I sighed forth
'This is my favourite spot!'
we left.

A bridge,
Between childhood and maturity.
And a sign,
'Stopping prohibited!'

"A sign". Levchev.

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