Limo for Three  

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11/1/2005 6:52 pm

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Limo for Three

Preparing myself for you is always such a pleasure. The long, warm scented bath. Carefully removing the hair from each spot that your tongue will explore. Softening my skin for your tender caresses. Smoothing lotion over each surface, teasing my flesh, with your last touch still within my senses. Makeup just as you like, soft and natural. Choosing the clothes to draw your eyes to the curves you adore. Silky stockings, heels. Oh yes, I whisper, smoothing the short skirt as I reflect into the mirror.

The car approaches with the driver arriving at the door exactly on time. After opening the limo door, he blindfolds me, assists me into the seat, and offers me a glass of the wine that you know that I prefer. My nerves are anxious. This is new for us. You have chosen to light the way to our Ecstasy, with me surrendering to your will this time. I smile thinking of our last encounter, you beneath me, screaming as I rode you to a heated release.

The drive continues for some time. We stop, the door opens. Someone enters. Silence. A fresh glass of wine is placed in my hands. Silence. I find my hands trembling as the glass reaches my lips. Silence. Again, we are driving. Silence. I am shifting in my seat, nervous, excited. What game do you have today? Are you with me now? Silence. We continue on.

The car stops. The door opens. A new glass of wine, the last barley touched. Your warm breath is on my neck and ear as you enter the car. The door shuts, and off we go. Who is with us? What is happening? I tremble, but with you near, feel secure, and oh so very excited.

Your hands are now on my body, touching my arms, caressing my legs, kissing my neck, touching my breasts, rubbing my leg...wait..there are more than two hands. Quiet . Enjoy. I lean my head back, moaning as you kiss down the side of my neck, your warm breath creating heat throughout my body. Oh yes. Our breathing grows heavier as the passion builds. The second set of hands pushes my dress up, spreads my legs, and soft warm lips place a trail beginning at my knee. The blindfold remains on despite my efforts to remove it. You only laugh at me. "No peeking."

"Your lips, I cannot get enough of your lips," and then they are on mine, before I can complete the thought. Kissing ignites our fires, and keeps them aflame as our passions build. Your kisses contain every ounce of passion that pours from your veins. Our souls combine, unite, explode through the kisses.

Our bodies meld together, our lips never parting, the third set joining from time to time. Licks, nibbles, laughs, sighs and moans. Three is such a lovely number. My hands explore her sensuality as she explores mine. Your eyes upon us. Her lips replace your briefly. Such a different sensation. Softly probing. But, your lips are what I crave. She moves past my neck, exciting each nerve as she travels across my flesh. My back arches, exposing the sweet moistness for her to devour. And does she ever devour me.Oh yes! I pull you closer, wanting your now completely exposed heated body next to mine as my orgasm approaches. Needing YOU, your lips, your body, your being, even as she is bringing me to Ecstasy. It is you that I crave. You that I need. You, my dear.

The ride continues, with a mixture of bodies blending, always the three combining. She and I intent on the pleasure we are to bring to you. Your body our canvas, our tongues to paint a masterpiece. Your moans the music of poetry.

The car stops. The door opens. One exits. You remove my blindfold, kiss each eye, lovingly, tenderly, as we hold one another. No words needed. The passion pours forth from one to another, the tender moment to show you my thanks for two fantasies fulfilled in one day. You lie back, and I thank you, over and over again, with sweat glistening from our bodies.

AltumHunksUnite 53M

11/2/2005 3:27 am

Very nice.

Let me drive. I like the view

rm_emmie234 52F
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11/2/2005 1:42 pm

Thank you Cleavis.

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