It is done  

rm_emmie234 52F
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11/12/2005 8:25 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

It is done

the deed is done.
He is pouting.
I am unsure why.
Have I not been truthful
4 times now,
I want out?

He sits
in his car,
acting as if
he was hit by a meteor.

And I,
the bitch I am,
Hot, sexy,
the looks I did receive.

I wanted him to see,
just what he threw away.
The words he heard
were not pleasing,
Why did I laugh?
Seeing his pain.

Did it feel like justice
seeing the pain
He is now hurting,
just as I,
these long years past.

Now I am movin on, baby!
Ready for more.
Time to spread my wings,
And soar!

The past is behind me.
The future ahead.
I should never attempt poetry,
while drunk in my bed.

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Plano69 54M

12/15/2005 11:03 pm

I envy your resolve...
I wish I could get out...
(long story...)
you deserve to be happy!

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