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11/9/2005 7:49 pm

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Sharing oneself with another
requires vulnerability,
the act of showing what
no one else can see.

You saw me,
into my soul,
from the first moment
the first hello.

You saw the sadness
But also the joy,
You held me,
and promised
moments so dear.

You opened my heart
that had been long ago locked,
too much pain
for others to tame.

You offered me acceptance,
Taking me as I am,
Happy for each moment
That was shared as one.

Progressing on,
Do we dare?
Open our hearts
To those words that are so clear?

You are my love,
Yes, I said LOVE!
Now, the complications,
Do we dare risk more?

Our lives are not our own,
Innocent ones in us do they trust,
How do we progress?
How much shall we risk?

The moments with you
So intense,
So pure,
I love you my dear,

We take each moment
As special and treasured,
Hoping more to follow,
Knowing each may be the last.

I love you,
You, the one of beautiful soul,
I love you,
I love you,
I love you, ever more.

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