Bittersweet Afternoon  

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12/15/2005 4:52 pm

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Bittersweet Afternoon

Your beaming smile
As I approach
"Wonderful! Yes, you are."
I blush, and say thank you,
So happy that you are pleased,
For your happiness means most of all.

Tenative kisses
As we greet.

How long since
Our last rendezvous?
Lost in your arms,
Time no longer matters.

Lips caressing,
Hands roaming,
Buttons undone,
Zippers down.

At last
Ahhh, yes,
Your heat upon mine.

Rolling together,
Exploring once more.

If only in this moment
Time would stand still
As we approach the peak,
Intenstiy, passion, fire!

Lying beneath you,
Hearts beating as one.
Silence pulling us together,
My dear, sensual man.

Conversing casually,
Of mine and yours.
Our seperate lives
Details scantily shared.

Time to part.
Peeking around corners.
Were we followed?
Have we been determined?

Safely driving away
Shrouded in guilt.
Not for her or for him,
Rather the small lives that
we may cause conflict.

Is this right? Can it be?
Our passion,Our love?
What shall the future see?

Fate is our guide,
Blindly following the path,
Wishing upon stars
For eventual bliss.

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