I'm ready for a sharp knife and a shopvac!  

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3/1/2006 12:21 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I'm ready for a sharp knife and a shopvac!

This is absolutely ridiculous. Our health insurance system in this country needs a serious overhaul. My husband and I pay $65 every week for insurance with co-pays and deductables. Yet, I can not get a much needed hysterectomy. Having endometriosis for at least 10 years. At least, that that's how long they have noticed the symptoms. Could have been longer though but until recently endo was not recognized by many Doc's in this area. But will they do anything for this. Hell no! Oh, sure they'll dope me up with pain killers and they'll put my on hormone pills (one month and never again...turned into Sybil with a switch!) but will they even do a partial hysterectomy. NO! Not until, I grow a baby tumor. This is ridiculous! About every three months I end up with a serious endo attack. Cramps that feel like hard labor contractions. Heavy menstual that should be leaving me completely bloodless. Severe fatigue, etc, etc. I was so damn tired last night, I left the whole computer system up and running without even closing sites. And woke up to a frozen computer.Arrgh!I slept 15 hours last night. I don't even do that after good sex. Only when I get these attacks or a concussion. I am so disgusted with this problem, so freaking tired of paying money in for insurance but not allowed to get the one serious problem I have taken care of. And my own wonderful (she really is...just went through the joys of endo herself and finally got her hyst.) Doc. is frustrated for me and admits a serious part of my "fluff" is because of the endo. I am finally so fed up with the pain and how this lays me out when it attacks, I am considering jumping through another insurance hoop. The depo shot. I hate drugs or pills, unless their herbal(legal herbage). And I have known of too many women that got on the depo shot, only to gain serious weight. I have known one woman that didn't gain the weight and actually lost 6 inches from her waistline. I'm so frustrated. On one hand, I am thinking, fuck it, take the damn Depo and see if it helps lessen the endo attacks. But on the other hand, I am thinking about my own basic ideals on natural things for health. But when I get attacks like this my convictions waver and I find myself reaching for the phone to tell my Doc.,"Give me the damn shot." And then of course, I think, "Just give me a sharp knife and the shopvac. I'll take care of this problem myself." LOL. But I've got to do something soon. The attacks are becoming more frequent and the good months are getting to be difficult as well. There are times during these attacks I feel like an invalid. Unable to do much of anything due to the pain and fatigue. I had one male Gyno., about 11 years ago, look at me straight in the face as my tears streamed and say,"All we could find was masses of what looks like cysts on your ovaries. They should not be causing you any pain." Then and now, I would have liked to grab that asshole by the scrotum and twist. Then say sweetly,"Oh dear, that shouldn't be causing YOU any pain." Now, I'm more likely to do it. LOL.

Well, I've got to get off here and get cigs. My one major vice in contradiction to my natural lifestyle. Then try to eat something and take some more Ibuprofin. My doc would be more than happy to prescribe me something stronger, but I am so hard headed, I won't ask for a script., until I am delirious with pain. Probably because I vaguely remember the last time I broke down and needed the pain pills and two weeks of my life are still lost in fog.

I just hope I can get some more writing accomplished today. Yesterday, all I got done was some Ebay listings and a little reading. THIS SUCKS! Kisses and licks, and self floggings to the fans, I'm just to tired to do it for you. Emerald.

outdoorsman3174 42M

3/1/2006 1:12 pm

2 words.

Univeral Healthcare

before you vote this year, make sure you know where your potential reps stand on this subject. If the dem's get their heads out of their asses they will run on this issue, and big business will get behind them. It might not help you out immediately, but in the long run we'll all be better off...

saddletrampsk 54F

3/1/2006 1:51 pm

Sorry for your pain..I had one friend have a depo shot and she turned into a hormonal bitch from hell..but other friends have had lots of luck..good luck and hope you find a solution soon..

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