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1/11/2006 12:53 pm

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Polyamory, what some may ask, a question that i have asked on many occasions. Recently I have tried to define this for myself.

Polyamory, a lifestyle whereby the practioners love multiple people simultaneously. It encompasses all sexual preferences. It is derived from two words, Poly {meaning many}; Amour {meaning love}, plainly put 'many loves'. It does not necessarily entail sexual love, although invariably it can do so.

I have sometimes wondered if the relationships I have formed from AdultFriendFinder, could be called Poly. It is hard to determine either way. I have multiple people who I communicate with, some I have had the pleasure of meeting. All of them I have a love for in different ways, some sexual some not.

Given the prevalence of modern 'monogamous' marriage breakdown, I am stirred to suggest that perhaps such relationships reflect our true nature's. Some might say that this mitigates against a one true love, but you can love people on different levels. Some more so than others, some perhaps, on an ad hoc basis.

The question is, can we become mature enough to allow this kind of love to develop in the mainstream of our societies, are we emotionally strong enough to do so.

hugs_4_u2 39F

1/11/2006 1:53 pm

in my experience in answer to ur ? i think not hunni! still to many prudes in society!

besides i`d like to think somewere out there there is someone i can have a monogamous relationship with and we can keep each other truly satisfied ! c i`m really a romantic at heart lol

rm_gata11459 58F
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1/11/2006 5:39 pm

humm em.. im so glad to see you blogging.. i think you will add some spice to things xo you're question is a difficult one.. i have never been able (either by want or will) to be monogamous to anyone.. but i dont think that it is impossible to be so.. you just have to find the person that is worth being so with.. and then i think that there will be no effort involved. Maybe i am conditioned by society, maybe i am too much of a romantic.. (mmm a romantic tart that has never been faithfull?? zoiks.. dont sound good does it lol?? is there such a thing??)I dont know if i am sophistocated enough to believe in Polyamorism, only shallow enough to practice it. xoxo gata

Peace xxx K

rm_emerald6912 49M
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1/11/2006 7:04 pm

Hugs, yes that is where my conflict lies. Part of me feels that there is one person with whom I can share all the highs and lows. Another part of me says that I can spread my 'love & lust' amongst a number of like minded people, I suppose I am still looking for one side to master the other. xxxx

Gata, well I can only hope, never assume, that sharing some of my thoughts may encourage a reasoned discussion. I am not sure if being romantic necessarily demands faithfullness. Perhaps we have degrees of romance, and maybe there is one person there for us all. I would not pitch my tent in either camp, I dont see myself as completely polyamorphous nor monogamous. I guess timing is the essence, meeting that person at the right time, or finding that group of friends and lovers.....xxxx

Silky, many thanks for the welcome.....xxxx

HBowt2 59F

1/11/2006 9:01 pm

Hi Em....nice to see you sharing all those thoughts finally....I was monogamous for more than half my life .........don't know if i could go back to it.
I love the variety in my life....love meeting new people....I think it's all down to what we need and want at certain times in our lives and how we feel about ourselves too....luv you babes.......keep on blogging

Sulabula 45F
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1/12/2006 3:00 am

Em...It's good to see you here... and I am not sure if I am going to answer the question properly lol

I think there is someone out there for everyone...It's just a matter of finding him/her...but in the meantime we can just go on meeting new people or our old friends and have fun...

Keep on Blogging...

Luvs ya

Sula xxx

Sula xxx

come visit my blog

grouchy68 48M

1/12/2006 4:08 am

Monogamy is the way to go man

belfastbound 40F

1/12/2006 10:59 am

I would definately prefer a monogamous relationship with someone, but nothing is ever as straightforward as getting what you want

Duffer422 40M

1/12/2006 3:04 pm

I think it's human nature to want a monogamous relationship, because it is the most rewarding, but harder to find.
So until we find that, we'll just have to carry on with the polyagamy.


rm_emerald6912 49M
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1/13/2006 6:35 am

Thanks all for your comments, it is interesting that majority preference is monogamy.

Hbowt, yes i can certainly agree with you on that one, all about timing in our lives.....xxxx

Sula, I can't say that I completely agree, would like to think there is one, just am skeptical about it....xxxx

Grouchy, we all choose the way we wish to go. I'm just not sure whether monogamy is purely a conditioned choice.

BB, very true we can't always get what we want, and I guess that we need to make do with what situations arise in our own lives.....xxxx

Duffer, I can't completely agree, I tend to think that monogamy is more nurture than nature. On a purely biological level, I would tend to think that polyamory is more natural.

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