My Boss.......  

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5/22/2006 11:26 am

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My Boss.......

If you've read the previous post, I think it best to explain.
When my relationship broke up a while ago, my boss was very 'comforting.' He was also very clear as to what he wanted to happen. For a while I flirted but no more. My friend thought this was really funny and kept telling me to 'go fo it.'
Now don't get me wrong. I'm not into older guys but there is something very distinguished about him (and besides, 50 aint that old)
So, having not been laid for a couple of months, I get the chance to go to Brussels for few days. A last minute change of plan means he's going too. I needed a little fun...........
We worked hard, got everything done before time and decided we'd earned a night on the town, all expenses paid. I had my own plan too.
After a fabulous meal and a few drinks, I suggest we return to the hotel. Him being CEO, he had a suite (me, I'm in a very nice double but nothing compared to him)
We retire to his suite, he orders champagne.
I make myself comfortable on the very nice bed. Lying against the pillows in black lace strapless teddy, I felt horny as hell. The look on his face nearly matched the bulge in his pants.
I was genuinely surprised at how great a lover he was. How exciting and adventurous. He brought me to climax more than once before he allowed himself to cum. If I thought he was going to be grateful at being fucked by me, I was wrong. I was VERY grateful for the incredible sex we shared.
He was very honest about what he liked. His wife would not give him head. Me, I love sucking cock. Give me a flaccid dick to bring to life and I'm in heaven. He said I gave the best BJ ever.
For two nights we fucked, drank and ate. He bathed me and smothered me in oils. I let him lick me out (another thing his wife wouldn't allow him to do!)and I covered his face in my juices. I masturbated for him while he wanked. I wanked him while he fingered me. I loved the sound of his groaning when I sucked his balls.
It all came to an end far too soon. We needed to do so much more to each other (and we did!)
I discovered a side to me that I had hidden for too long. I felt liberated and free. There was no getting Pandora back in the box!
We had an incredible three months of outrageous sexual adventures. We explored our fantasies together, nothing was taboo.
Maybe I will share them with you, if you're open minded

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6/5/2006 10:19 am

thanks for checking out my blog - thought i'd check out yours

you my dear seem to lead a very exciting life



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