full of it or want to be?  

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12/28/2005 8:34 am

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full of it or want to be?

Perhaps in my current state of mind i'm a little perturbed.
Are you going to tell me that there are NO married/single ladies looking for the 'side of man appetizer'?? I am fully aware that one man is sometimes one too many!(I are one)Yet time and again I've read "not gettin it at home "
"my man does'nt want it"
"Can't get him to pay attention"
Yet everywhere I turn, The beautiful gal that takes an interest in little ol' me, is too far away! Am I safer that way? 'Out of reach' is out of possible, and therefor, SAFE?
So, is it possible, that like SO MANY on here, it's the ALLURE that you desire without actually getting into the physical touching, caressing, talking face to face, bodies slowly in motion, unwrapping the layers of intamacy in a wet and breathless moment that lasts hours? Shame on you! If I didn't have the courage that it takes to explore the pleasure i can give you, how would you know the courage to give that pleasure in return? How would you know the kind of intimacy and pleasure of any wonderful relationship, be it sexual or romantic? In only being pleasured yourself don't you rob yourself of the ultimate pleasure of the couple in the heat of passion?

I may have, in the heat of the writing, added some personal feelings best left to myself?
Such as that may be, I stand behind the feelings!
A selfish lover is NO lover.Only a repository of what they may suck out of life. By essence only the hope, and never the life.

If only to jump up
be part of the wind
never have fallen
never have sinned
go where i'm blowing
and never have been
Sow seeds of the future
rip down what has past
give life to a rainfall
then dying at last

Passion spent
is passion known!

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