My big soft blog confession  

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1/12/2006 8:59 am

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My big soft blog confession

I confess it here and now.
There were only two blogs that I read with any devotion.
Soft Tender Generous Heavenly, SensuallyKatey has revealed her fears to us.
And I ask the lords of life and fate to treat her with the gentle trust and compassion, she so deserves.

Bold Boisterous Worldly Wise Bella, you strike me as a bird learning it's way home.Sharp beak beautiful feathers hiding the tenderness within.
may you find the journey home twice as lovely, and half as fulfilling.

I treasure the time they have spent on us.

The bells of change
ring sounds of pain
setting the rhythm
for the melody
of the new

memories take fresh meaning
when viewed through the heart
some seem neverending
others to painfull to start

Pain has a character
all it's own
the one you feel
to you is real
but not to you alone.

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