Is the bottle half empty or half full?  

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2/17/2006 9:36 am

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Is the bottle half empty or half full?

bottled by St.Anneliese

I've come to really enjoy the lighter wines from Germania.
Not so bold as the Italian.
Sweeter than the Californian.
More flavorfull than the Jewish.
Easier than the Australian.
Not so good as the French,
but most ...enjoyable!
Fruity but not...well... Gay
(can wine have an inherent sexuality?)
YES, I'm drinking it from a wine glass.
And, YES, I plan on having a long soak in the tub!
[yes i'm alone]dammit
Elkhart is a town of blue collar,(of which I supervise, and are one).
Most work the five to three.
I, on the other hand, belong to that unholy group of miscreantes, the 'third shifters'.
Bum pum bummm!!!
Specifically nine to seven [thats pm for those unfamiliar to the dark life].
Makes for a REAALLY suppressed social calender!!
However, in my practice of the light(for lack of a better phrase at this moment),and search of positive reenforcement, it does have the bonus of ME time.
(be it sans clothing, or not)
It can be lonely.
It is wearying.
It is NOT my nature.
I long for ...
I PRAY for the near water, primative camp, of my imagination.
(with my not so primative gear, and not so primative truck, nearby)
To sleep in the fold of nature,
waking into sunlight, and the soft touch of a mornings mist.
Rubbing shoulders with a smokey warm fire,
No expectations other than a slow start to a
day without.
To flirt by the water, ever increasing it's touch on your feet.
to plunge or retreat??? (water AND flirtations)

The calming canopy of wind restless trees.
Perhaps a nap in the breeze.

Adventure in the hike,and back for the taste of roasted cooking, and open fired delights.

Sitting back with a drink or few,
lounging in the swaying rhythm of the chorus of night creatures god provided to lull you to relaxation and harmony....

[repeat for several days][if shower avail...
several more]

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