Da Vinci never did  

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3/7/2006 7:40 am

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Da Vinci never did

It has been told to me several times in my life, that we all posess some gift.
That ONE thing, we are born to do, with natural talent, and the passion to excel
Be it of art, academia, humanitarian, what have you.
Rarely have I, the great nonbeliever, accepted and embraced such a thought. But today...

It was not the flash of insight, thrown to me from heaven, nor was it a bright inner light, simply waiting to shine through my foggy understanding. It was in fact, an attempt to convey my inner self, through this blog, that led me to this realization.


I work in that most unconventional, and deceptive of mediums,


Sometimes I am able to fool even myself.
(but as always,the critic doesn't GET it)
(and that bastard, Myself, never let's me get away with it).
One of these days, we are gonna have to settle up!

For those that are interested, today's libation is,
Piesporter Michelsberg 2003
from the Mosel village of Piesport, Germany
Bottled by Leonard Kreusch
A nice little cheap wine that has little to offer but a clean citrus taste, and a crisp finish.

I have attempted to Not be morose today, and still put across my feelings as of late.
Whadooya think?

I remian, as ever, a student of life and a master bature

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