My Desire  

rm_elfandmaiden 50M/56F
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6/30/2006 5:39 pm

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4/6/2009 9:52 pm

My Desire

Your smile lightens my heart
Brings a smile to my face
Brings love to my heart
Happiness to my life

Your kiss gives me passion in my heart
Gives desire in my soul
Fulfills my wants
Giving me needs

Your touch leaves me wanting more
Needing you to quench my desire
Wanting you to fulfill my needs
Which you always quench so well

Your tongue just to think of that sets my pussy quivering
The shivers you give me when you first touch
The desires you awaken wanting me to want it all the time
The way you make me cum every single time

Your cock, which I love to suck
Just to touch and see your response
The way you make love to me
You quench my desire and fill me with passion

You my love fill me with happiness
You fulfill my wants my needs
You give me desire
You give me my passion

Yes you dear
The man I truly love
My hearts desire
My passion
Without you darling I am nothing

I love you my Elf
Always and forever
truly darling
your Maiden

Da_Lone_Elf 50M

6/30/2006 9:33 pm

Thank you my dearest Maiden you are truely my hearts one true desire, I love you with all my heart, my soul, my entire being 100% a;ways & forever

Your Elf

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