Making the Maiden Cum while I'm at work 25 miles away  

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1/26/2006 10:34 am

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Making the Maiden Cum while I'm at work 25 miles away

Okay so maybe the Maiden isn't going to be only one putting up random rabblings.

Maiden's Elf here wanting share a little instant message conversation we had while I was at work not too long ago.

We've been talking fantasies with each lately and kinda have a little competetion to see who get they other the most arroused via the instant messages.

So without further ado here is the meat of that conversation:

Elf says: you're blindfolded, and alone when you hear someone enter the room, you smell a masculine scent, that isn't me

Maiden says: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm one of my favorite big cocks

Elf says: you hear nothing as he moves across the room to the bed, then you feel his hot breath blowing across your nipples

Maiden says: mmmmmmmmmmm i like that

Elf says: you feel the bed shift as he climbs on, the matteress goes down as pressure is put on it near your head, you feel something brush against your check heading for your mouth

Maiden says: nice hard cock

Elf says: you feel pressure against your lips, its smooth and round but still soft and big

Maiden says: are you trying to make me come

Elf says: YES!!!

Elf says: you can tell it is hanging limply against your mouth, and you hear just above a whisper in that deep baritone "open your mouth, lady"

Maiden says: i open willingly

Elf says: the head of his cock slips in, and you can feel it immediate start to harden and grow in your mouth

Maiden says: oooooooooooooooooooooooo

Elf says: his hand finds your pussy and he bigins to rub gently

Maiden says: ooooooooooooooooooooooo

Elf says: he inserts one finger into your pussy, his cock is still growing and getting harder in your mouth

Maiden says: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Maiden says: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Maiden says: arching my back and moaning

Elf says: he is not quite full hard when he pulls it out of your mouth, hid hand leaves your pussy, he stradles your chest and places that cock between your breasts his hands squeeze them together around his huge and still growing cock

Maiden says: mmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhh

Elf says: he begins to fuck your tities slowly at first, but as his cock hardens he speeds up, while hands kneed and massage your breasts while still keeping firmly pressed around his huge hard cock

Maiden says: oooooooooo your drivivg me crazy

Maiden says: your making my pussy quiver

Elf says: he pulls his cock out from between your breasts, but his hands remain on them for now. he slides down your body with his cock pressing angainst you the whole way, it brushes against your clit, then your pussy lips

Maiden says: your going to make me cum

Elf says: but he does not stop, he continues sliding down his legs go in between yours, he keeps going down, his hands are still working your breasts, his tongue slides in between your tits and continues to slide further down across our

Maiden says: oooooooooooooo

Maiden says: your driving me crazy

Elf says: his tongue circles your belly button before traveling lower into your hairy bush, it finds your clit and circles it several times before he suddenly sucks it hard into his hot mouth

Maiden says: ohhhhhhhhhhh

Elf says: one hand leaves its breast and caresses its way down your side until he pulls it over to your pussy, he inserts one finger while sucking on your clit

Maiden says: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm your going to make me cum

Elf says: after several slow thursts into your pussy he switches it for his thumb, the now well lubed finger slides back and finds your quivering asshole and circles it and plays wirh before slowly inserting into your ass

Elf says: he is sucking your ckit hard, he is still playing with your breasts with one hand and he is fucking both your pussy and your ass with his other hand

Maiden says: i need his cock

Elf says: do you say that?

Maiden says: oh ya

Elf says: he unties you, he wants to take you doggie style, you get in to the position and he slowly works the head of his huge rock hard cock into your pussy just the head at first, he reaches forward with his left hand to play with dangling breast, and his right hand plays with your ass

Elf says: he pushes his cock in a little deeper and inserts his thumb into your ass

Maiden says: okay you win i hope your hard

Elf says: sorta

Elf says: did you cum yet?

Maiden says: yes

I hope every has as much reading about how I made the Maiden cum as I did doing it.

Oh BTW we didn't make it until Wednesday night, as we checked out the other blogs and peolpe on AdultFriendFinder on Tuesday night we both got arroused and she just had to touch me and be touched. After considerable play with my cock and ass, she climbed on top of and rode me in her pussy until we both climaxed.

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