Happy Fathers Day to the lucky dads  

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6/14/2006 8:36 am
Happy Fathers Day to the lucky dads

Our love for our fathers
It’s always there
As little girls we watch them with loving eyes
They can do nothing wrong
Filling our hearts with happiness joy and laughter
They teach us to respect others and to respect ourselves
Guiding us thru our life
Helping us to try and make the right decision
Not judging us if we make mistakes
Being happy with who we are
So as we grow older we are able to love and be loved
As our life continues
And as he grows older
We all hope our love continues to grow
That he continues to see us with loving eyes
Happy with what we become
So on that day
Lets honor them
Giving them our love and respect
Wishing them all the best
So to all dads
I wish you a Very Happy Fathers Day

I lost my dad to cancer 12 years ago love and miss him still.

To my dad
I write this one in honor of my father
He’s been gone for 12 years now
But with fathers day coming up
I thought I ‘d honor him with this poem
I love my father
And all the time we had
He was an old fashioned man
In modern times
He taught us well
Loving and caring all thru his life
He got to see all his children marry
And see 6 grandchildren born
He was a special man
A die-hard Cub fan
And I loved him dearly
So I salute you dad
I always loved and respected you
I hope you are happy where ever you are

Tim this ones for you my love

To my darling husband
I want to thank you
For being such a great dad
For showing our kids your love
For being they’re when they need you
Teaching them right from wrong
For helping them and having patience’s
You are a great and loving father
Happy Father’s Day my love

Happy Father's Day

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