Happy Anniversary Darling  

rm_elfandmaiden 50M/56F
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4/17/2006 12:35 pm

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12/1/2008 5:47 pm

Happy Anniversary Darling

For My Maiden, My darling wife for the best 17 years of my life.

Do I know
Can it be more
I do not know
I love you more then words can say

I was as shock as you
When we found one another
I remember wondering if would find someone
Then decided not to search

My greatest fear of all
Was that I would be alone
Alone with no one to love
So very alone to the end of my days

Then there was that party
News Years Eve
I knew very few there
Then you said “I haven’t kissed you yet”

I did not even know your name
You kissed me just the same
Caught me by surprise
I returned the kiss

I don’t what it was
You never left my side
For several more hours
Walked you home in the cold

Been together ever since
Had our children
Moved many times
But knew I would always have you

Then I made a mistake
Thought I might loose you
Hurt more then anyone can say
But through our love we stayed together

Even after our time of joining
I was not sure
Knew I loved you
Knew I could not live without you

I did not give myself back 100%
I realized I had been wrong
You always had and always will
Have my love 100%

I now look forward to
Sharing new things with you
Sharing stories of new experiences
As we both enjoy a new found freedom

We about to start yet another year
A year still together
Knowing I would not have it any other way
Hoping that this anniversary will be another of many to come

I have found the woman I love
A woman who loves me, without demanding change
The love I feel will never change
Beyond the end of my days

So my dearest
My heart replies to yours
All my love is yours
Always and forever completely

I Love You Too my sexy wiffy

Da Elf

rm_elfandmaiden 50M/56F
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4/17/2006 1:00 pm

To my wonderful hubby
thank you
i love you

your adoring wiffy Maiden

VATraveler1948 68M

4/17/2006 4:11 pm

Happy anniversary y'all. Nice poem!

Frederick2223 69M
98 posts
4/29/2006 9:12 pm

A late addition ... I like your sentiments, Elf

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